Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, we're all settling in and getting comfortable at the State Park here in Grand Isle, LA. Going into our third day now and am still learning valuable lessons about what to do and NOT to do while camping.

We checked in and I only have to pay $9.00 a night with a one time $6.00 reservation fee. This is the 50% off rate I get for using my America The Beautiful Senior Pass. That's the only good thing about being a Senior Citizen (^_^).

All of the slips here are pull throughs so it was very easy to park. I plugged into the 30 amp outlet and connected my water hose with no problems. I extended my slide out and noticed that it didn't go out as far as it used to. Later that day I discovered that the ladder was stuck in that corner and prevented the slide out from going any further. I removed the ladder and tried to extend it again. This time I heard wood breaking. I looked by the refridgerator and saw my ceramic cat lodged where it cracked a piece of wood. Removed the cat (never to put it there again) and pushed the wood back in place and plan to repair it when I get home. Opened the awning with no problems. Noticed the patches I placed there last week (hit a tree branch on last trip) were holding up. I learned that it is better to collapse the dinette table and make it into a type of sofa with lots of pillows along the back and sides than to have a table. The dogs love it and later we were all able to watch movies in comfort. Still can't get the TV to play. Something has got to be broken or disconnected as it will not get a signal no matter what I do. It worked when I first purchased it so I just can't figure out what is wrong. I have no problems with the DVD player and enjoy my movies. The refridgerator is slow to get things cold but once it does it works just fine. There is not room for one more item in there as I brought enough food for a couple of weeks. I learned not to leave the outdoor canvas chairs open overnight as in the morning they are completely soaked with dew. I learned that if you don't pick up after your dog the Camp Host will gently let you know that you are expected to. Chuky had left two piles in our little yard and I had not seen them. I assurred the Host that I always pick up after my dogs - even at home. I set out the dog's foot bath which REALLY comes in handy to get off sand before entering the coach. It is a plastic container 3 feet long and 2 feet wide and 6 inches deep. I poured 2 gallons of water into it and they drink out of it as well. Chuky is a little more calm this trip. She doesn't pace as much as she did on our last trip. It seems that the more people and dogs she sees the more accostumed she is to them. She gets lots of compliments and loves the attention. Xi Shi Quan is just a joy to have around. She is so laid back and is content to just sit back and watch the world go by. Thye both LOVE the beach and we go twice a day. I load up the back basket of my trike with my beach chair, umbrella, camera, water, and snacks. In the front basket I put a towel and sit Xi Shi inside. She seems to like the ride. It's really hard to peddle on sand but it serves a good purpose as a rolling carrying cart. The first night here, the 2 cats and 2 dogs all slept with me in the bed. I couldn't move it was so crowded. Last night Xi Shi was the only pet in the bed with me. I think everyone is getting used to our coach and have found their own spot. Pat comes by to visit with me every night and last night we built a fire in the fire ring. It was really cold out and I covered up with a blanket. There is a full moon now and it lights up the whole park with a nice glow. Tonight I plan on going to the beach so I can experience the moon on the water. May take some photos. So far I've cooked one meal outside and one meal inside. I enjoy my electric 2 burner stove that fits well on top of my gas stove that I will never use. One day all these campers will be total electric - no more propane. Can't wait. Today we took a hike down a couple of nature trails. I was exhausted and the dogs were really dirty. Had to use my outside shower (for the first time) on Xi Shi. Poor little thing's white hair was black with wet sand. Had to blow dry her as she was cold. It was fun though. My neighbors on the left are from Virginia. They are camping out of their small station wagon. I've done such a thing when I was young but they are in their 70s and I know that it can't be comfortable on their bodies. But I do admire them. Met a couple from California - Bay Area - who say they just love it here. Hummm. Leaving Paradise to come to Louisiana... I don't think so. Everyone and I mean everyone has a dog or two... small ones and large ones. There are also stray cats running around the campground. I feel sorry for them as I know that someone must have dropped them off here to fend for themselves. The ranger asks that we don't feed them, but everyone does. How could we not feed a hungry living thing? The campground is about half full and is kept clean and so is the beach. Yesterday, the dogs and I had the whole beach to ourselves. Today, I want to spend a little more time by the water so I'm bringing the large beach umbrella so the dogs will have shade and won't get overheated. My beach chair has its own top awning. I didn't bring any summer clothes as after all it is winter. So I may have to go to my camp and get some shorts and t-shirts. This weather is just beautiful. Warm days cold nights. Just love it.