Friday, January 4, 2013


It got down into the 30s last night and there will be more of this cold through the next week.  We are really enjoying our fireplace and cuddles on the sofa to watch TV. 

Cha Bu's first fireplace.

Our newest member of the family is adjusting well.  Little Cha Bu Khan does get upset during the night and growls and barks at the door to the bedroom which I keep closed so the cats don't disturb our sleep.  She may hear something but I'm not sure what she is barking at.  Sometimes she barks at the closet which I keep open so she doesn't see herself in the mirror and think it's another dog.  She continues to scratch her ears which I am treating with meds daily.  So this behavior of barking and scratching keeps her up most of the night.  She catches up on her sleep during the day.

She is progressing in her ability to walk while harnessed and on a leash.  She follows her big sister wherever she goes.  She's happy to see other people in the street and is friendly towards them.  She is a little frightened when our friend Prince the American Eskimo dog walks with us.  She trembles so I pick her up and carry her for awhile until she gets used to seeing him.  Prince is Xi Shi's best friend and he is gentle with little dogs.

She is eating well and loves the food I fix for her.  I started mixing a tablespoon of wet food with some kibble and she eats it all up.  I also give her treats that are good for teeth and gums.  The vet said that her breath smells bad due to the kinds of food she had been eating.  Xi Shi had the same problem when I first got her but after a few months on this treat her breath improved.  I also give her treats for bone and joints.

I haven't started training her yet for commands but she picks up things quickly.  She continues to play fetch at night when we are upstairs and away from the cats.  She uses her puppy pads as well.  This is a big relief for me as I was afraid that she would use the carpet in the bedroom.

She learned right off how to jump onto the bed as well as off.  Xi Shi can not do what she does.  She uses the chest in front of the bed as a jumping on point then onto the bed which is very high.  Sometimes she slips but she tries again.  In a way I wish she wouldn't do this because I'm afraid she'll hurt herself.  She's got more spark than Xi Shi and seems more daring.

She's being exposed to so many new things that I can't imagine what she's thinking about all of this.  The next thing coming up for her is her surgery on the 14th.  She'll no longer be a puppy maker.

As soon as the weather gets just a bit warmer we are going to take a trip to the beach at Grand Isle.  Not sure how she'll act in the RV but we'll soon find out.  Ordered a new motor for my Sleep Number bed in the Rv.  It is only 4 years old and has died.  The replacement will be a wireless remote controlled motor at a cost of $77.31.  They are allowing me 70% of my 20 year warranty.  It should be here in 5 to 7 days.  I'm going to try to install it myself.

I spend a lot of time on the computer and she's learning how to have her own space while I work in the office.

All refreshed from her nap.

She is a joy to have in my life.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Just returned from the Vet to have Cha Bu looked at and given whatever she needed.  She was well behaved and a brave little girl while getting some shots.  She weighed in at 11 pounds.

She was given a Heartworm test and is negative.  She received her 6 month Heartworm injection, was Microchipped, had her nails clipped, and was treated for her eye ulcer with Neopolydex Ointment which I will apply twice a day. 

I should see some improvement within a week.  The Vet said that it will reduce the size of the white ulcer on her eye but that there would probably remain a small white spot.  That's OK as long as she can see out of that eye.

About two months ago, another dog scratched her eye and it formed an ulcer and became infected.  It was treated for awhile and then left alone.   So now we are going to see if it will improve with this medication.  I sure hope so.

So now she is good to go till her next visit in 6 months.

She really thought this cat was real.

It's red sweater day.

This sweater is a medium and one that Xi Shi can no longer fit into.  It's a little big for Cha Bu but will do for now.

This is Xi Shi's chair where she sits next to me while I'm on the computer.  I encouraged her to share her spot and this is what happened.

They were both so tired after their long walk that no one complained about such close quarters.

When Cha Bu first got here and I gave her a toy she did not know what to do with it.  If I threw it and told her to go get it she didn't understand.  Well, last night I tried to get Xi Shi to play fetch - which we do every night before bedtime - but she wouldn't do it because of the new doggie.  So to my surprise the new doggie fetched and brought it back to me just like Xi Shi does.  I was so surprised.   I think she will be easy to train.  She shows lots of potential.

Monday, December 31, 2012


Meet the newest member of our family.

Our new girl is half the size of Xi Shi Quan.  A very little, dainty, 2 year old Shih Tzu.