Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Spent the night in my coach in the parking lot of Camping World in Hammond so I could be there for my 8:00am appointment today to have my awning replaced.  I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and changed the color from the ugly gray that came with the RV to a beautiful sky blue and white.  Just love it.

This is the before...

and this is the after...

Xi enjoyed walking around the grounds and of course went straight for the water. 

I did a little shopping while waiting for them to install the awning.  Bought a shirt for Xi Shi that says "I Love Camping" and a doggie water bottle.  Looked real hard at the electric bikes but decided against purchasing just yet.   It took 2 hours and then we were on our way back home. 

I've had the oil changed and fluids checked as well as the tires inflated so I'm ready to go. 

My planned date of departure for Texas was December 1st but am thinking of leaving a few days earlier.