Friday, May 13, 2011


Today I ordered the Deluxe Class C Windshield Covers for my coach at a cost of around $50.  Now that I'm camping in the summer time here in South Louisiana, I noticed how much heat was coming in from the front windows.  My AC never kicked off during my whole stay at the beach.  I think this cover will be a good investment.  It will also save my dashboard and seat covers from fading.


Blogger was doing some maintenance today and they deleted my last post.  This is what I can remember of what I posted a couple of days ago.
Those vent cushions I purchased a few weeks ago have sure come in handy.  Didn't know how hot it would get inside the coach with all of those overhead vents that let in heat as well as light.  I don't need the light... I need cool.  I placed 5 cushions and still have plenty of light.  Would like to cover the shower skylight but it is shaped convex and no way to stuff anything into it.  A lot of heat comes in through there.
I purchased the cushions at a local camping supply store for just under $20 a piece.  It would have cost more than that to order from Camping World.  However, to my surprise, Walmart had a similar white cushion for under $10.00.  Damn!  I ought to know better.  Always check the RV aisle at Walmart before anywhere else. 
While washing the coach, I noticed a piece of molding on the bottom right front corner coming out a bit.  I had a friend look at it and he said that a screw was missing.  So he drilled a different hole and caulked it and placed a new screw.  That seemed to fix the problem and at no cost.  Thanks Pat.
My short stay here at the park has not been as pleasant as when I was here in March.  It's hotter, more crowded, and noisier.  The park just reopened after a recent clean up of an oil slick that came ashore.  However, there are still many workers going back and forth over the levee to the beach to work.  Every time they cross over or return they blow their horn several times to alert guests walking on the road.  Well, that means that I hear horns blowing all day long as I am parked by the entrance.  It feels like I'm in New York City!!   Thanks BP for screwing up another aspect of my life that used to bring me pleasure.
The last time I was here the park was half full of campers with out of state plates.  Today I noticed all but 2 plates are from Louisiana.  That explains the friendliness or lack thereof.
I had a problem again with a breaker flipping off while I was cooking.  It seems that when I'm using my electric stove it pulls too many amps.  Can't use the stove and AC at the same time.  I don't use propane so I guess I'll just have to cook on the electric stove outside in order to get a bit of a breeze.  Small sacrifice in order to stay away from propane.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm back at the Grand Isle State Park with my little furry co-pilot.  Just a short stay.  Will be packing and moving my things out of the camp on Thursday. 

Last time I was here it was still really cool and I had to use the heater.  Today was almost 90 degrees in the shade.  I stayed inside till late afternoon then we went to the beach.  There was a cool breeze and I enjoyed sitting on my chair while Xi Shi Quan did a little swimming in the surf.

Boiled some shrimp (gotten fresh off the boat) with some potatoes and corn.  Made it hot with liquid crab boil.  Love that stuff!  And of course I had to have an ice cold beer with my meal.  Ummm good.

Not a very friendly bunch of campers here today.  Maybe someone will stop by tomorrow.