Sunday, August 4, 2013


We got back home yesterday and the doggies ran into the house and Cha Bu went running around chasing the cats.  It was as if she were saying "It's good to be back."  They love going for a ride in the camper but seem to be overjoyed to get back home.

Pulled in to my driveway.

The ride back home was a little smoother with the air bags inflated.  It still rides a little rough so I may put more air the next time I use the RV.  Thanks Pat for all of your help in this matter and for the hospitality you so graciously give.

One of Pat's cats doesn't mind Xi Shi getting close.

Unloaded the RV and didn't have to worry about getting the sand out as I had vaccumed the day before.  However, the basement is full of sand.  I will probably clean it out sometime this week.  I did remove the bike and washed it down and dried it off.  I sure don't want any rust on it so I clean it often.

Some of my neighbors came over and we chatted for awhile to catch me up on the news of the hood.  Today we are going out to eat crawfish as a special birthday gift from my neighbor Evelyn.  My other neighbor Carolyn gave me some body lotion that smells wonderful.  Thanks ladies, for the gifts and your friendship.

I may return to the beach next month if it isn't too hot.  My favorite spot at the State Park will be available by then.