I have many hobbies such as journaling on my blog, facebook, and other webpages.  I have enjoyed knitting, crocheting, sketching, woodburning, designing and making wooden plaques, making jewelry, rock painting, designing and sewing pillows, photography, and writing novels that I self-publish.  I've made money selling all of these items.  However, I seem to burn out on every hobby I enjoy and then quit.  Now, I'm looking for something to create that I can do while traveling in my motorhome.  Don't want to carry around a lot of heavy equipment so it needs to be a small project.

Here are photos of some of my crafts.

Hanging Planter

Wind Chime

Fish Table

Wooden Fish Plaques

Mermaid Fence Slats

Word Signs

Peace Rocks

Fish Pillows

Cat Pillow

Peace Pillow

Wooden Hippie Motorhome


  1. Wow, what talent! I'm impressed. Thank you for logging these.

  2. Thanks for the compliment TexCyn. I have to be creating at all times no matter what it is. Have always been that way. However, only recently have made any money off of any hobby.

  3. Your going well with your hobbies. They all look great!