In 1976 I left a young hippy girl sitting barefoot along the banks of a bayou in Liverpool, Texas... and haven't seen her since.  Now that I'm free from a 9 to 5 job and family ties, I'm going to take my newly purchased Coachmen Freedom Express motorhome out onto the open road and search for the young, loving, and warm heart I call AnnaLee - a long lost part of my old self.

Maybe I'll find her still running barefoot in the grass with no worries and no possessions to weigh her down or maybe I won't. Perhaps she died, faded into nothingness, her gentle heart too damaged to go on.

I have to know. I have to see for myself if there is any way I can recapture that spirit and either bring her back home or remain in her world... forever. AnnaLee is forever young, pretty, loving, kind, adventurous, brave, and was always ready to go ahead, like a scout, and see what fate awaited us. She would sometimes come back to camp and tell the tribe the wonders that evolve in any search and encourage us to follow her. Most of us were fearful of the unknown and stayed behind, telling her that the time was not right. Eventually she stopped trying and we never saw her again.

There are many sides of my personality... many faces... many members of my tribe.  Over the years I have come to know that this is not unusual as we all have different ways we handle different situations.  These members of my tribe will all be together on the search for AnnaLee who we all agree needs to come back to us.

On my safari, my overland journey, I'm not necessarily hunting but searching for someone.   And in the process, I hope to observe and photograph other humans in their pursuits as well as explore the terrain and appreciate the wildlife.

To go on safari, for me, represents freedom from societal norms and rules.  It's kinda like I'm trying to break free from the confines of civilization.  As I travel in my motorhome, I meet all kinds of people who seek to rediscover the ways of our ancestors.  I have noticed that many and perhaps most of these individuals are driven by a great thirst - almost a desperation - for freedom. 


  1. Touching post. Hope your search is going well and turning out to be everything you were looking for.

  2. Hope for the best, but keep in mind that the jorney is that counts most and not the destination..