Saturday, October 27, 2012


The temperature got up to 64 degrees today.  It was a cold morning but the sun came out early this afternoon.  What a difference from yesterday when it was in the upper 80s.  I've had my door open all day and the breeze feels great.

That's me - the first one.

Not many folks in the park but they are coming in gradually.  It's been nice and quiet and I slept great last night.
Noticed this morning that my awning is peeling on the very top near the roof.  It looks like it's dry rotting away from constant sun beating down on it.  I searched online for a replacement awning and found one at Camping World.  So I guess that will be my next trip - to Hammond.

I walked Xi a couple of times today but mostly we stayed under our canopy as well as inside on the sofa. 

We're having leftovers tonight and the movie choice is "Rum Diary."

Friday, October 26, 2012


Great night's sleep.  Made breakfast and took Xi out for a short walk around the campsite. 

The manager stopped by and again I asked if I could take my dog through the park beach and onto the town beach... and again he said yes.  He wondered why I was asking again and I explained to him that last April one of the rangers gave me a hard time about it.  He asked if I informed the ranger that I had permission from the manager and I said that I did.  He assured me that it was alright to cross the beach with my dog.  So there!  Case closed.  I refuse to worry about it any longer.  I like this park and this beach and now I can relax and know that I am still able to enjoy it with my beach buddy by my side.

After the conversation with the manager, I got geared up for out trek across the park.  Packed our chairs, towels, water, snacks, fishing pole, and iPhone into our beach cart and off we went.  We stayed out from 10:00 till noon.  There was no other person for as far as the eye could see.  It was great.

I took Xi off leash and let her run free and she went straight for the water.  She doesn't go in very far but chest deep is good enough for her.  She ran all over that beach and really enjoyed herself. 

I set up our chairs and she jumped up on her chair and I sat next to her in my chair and read one of my Coastal Living magazines.  There was a strong breeze and it was wonderful.  We were two happy campers.

On our walk back to the RV, I let Xi walk on leash while I rolled the cart.  I noticed we had a new neighbor setting up a tent next to our site.  I was just about to greet them when their large dog (not leashed) came running towards Xi like he was going to attack her.  I've been through this before and I went into rescue mode.  I grabbed her up and put her into the beach cart not knowing if the dog was going to jump on my back or bite my leg or who knows what.  The owner ran towards us and grabbed her dog and said she was sorry.  I lost my cool and screamed at her that her dog should be on a leash.  I was shaking and my voice was trembling and I told her that my dog had been attacked once before and it was a very traumatic experience for both of us.  I explained that I had to literally kick the attacking dog off of my dog as it would not let her go.  She apologized again and I walked to my RV.  Once inside, I looked out my window and the dog had its leash on.   I calmed down and did not report the incident.

Rinsed Xi off and I took a shower then we had lunch.  She took a very long nap as she was exhausted.  We stayed in the rest of the day.

Tonight's supper is green onion sausage and green vegetable medley.  The movie for tonight is Fool's Gold... just love that movie.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Slept a little better last night.  No cats in the bedroom so can't blame them.  I think it's because I'm not in my bed at home and it's been 6 months since I slept in the RV.  Tonight I'll do better.

Left Pat's house around 10:30 this morning and went to the supermarket for a few things.  Then I went to the dock and bought 7 pounds of shrimp - some to boil and some to freeze and bring home.

I decided not to camp at Island House RV Park and went on to the State Park.  Was lucky to get my usual spot #29 without having made reservations.  Got set up and noticed that the Peace Rock I left in the palm tree at this site back in April is still in place... even after a hurricane.  I guess I hid it too well.  I'll place the next one in a more visible area. 

Can you see it?

Took Xi Shi for a walk to the pavillion and let her go on the beach for a little while.  She seemed confused as to why we weren't going towards the water but she ran and played aroung the steps and then we returned to camp.

If the NO PETS ON BEACH sign is down does that mean we can go swimming Momi?

The water sure looks pretty today, Momi.

When I started to prepare the shrimp the kitty cats went crazy.  Caiche meows constantly till I give her some. 

That's Caiche trying to steal a shrimp and Bunny is watching her.

They turned out really well and the seasoning was just right.

Went for a swim after lunch and it was lonely without Xi Shi.  She cried when I left her in the RV.  It was like she knew I was going to the beach and wasn't bringing her along.  However, tomorrow I'll take her to the pier and if no one is around we'll go down on the beach for awhile.

I missed my beach buddy.

There aren't but a few campers here and I haven't seen any rangers.  When I checked in I asked if the manager was around and was informed that he was out of town.  The manager, Nick, told me I could carry Xi across the beach onto the city beach but if he isn't here I'm not sure I should chance it.  It will be fun for her if she gets to go to the pier area of the beach and the pier is at the very end of the park so we can see if a ranger is coming way before he can see us.  

The little kitty is starting to get used to the RV and has come out from her hiding place a few times.

Had a great day.  There is a breeze blowing and we sat outside on our chairs till dark.  Looking forward to tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My new little kitty is having a hard time adjusting to the RV.  She hid under the chair all day and then last night she came out and played chase with the other cats.  They ran over me in bed as if I weren't there and spread cat litter all over the bedroom floor.   I didn't get much sleep and when I got up this morning I had to start cleaning up their mess. 

Pat Bar-B-Qued some chicken for lunch and I had left overs for supper with a salad.  I took a nap after lunch and didn't feel like going to the beach when I woke up.  So it was a very laid back day. 

Tonight I plan to close my bedroom door and no cats allowed.  I'm sure Caiche will cry and beg to come in but I want a good night's sleep so no way.

Tomorrow we leave for the Island House RV Park for a couple of days.

Here is a photo of Xi Shi's Closet.  It fits perfectly at the foot of the bed right next to my closet.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's been 6 months since I last blogged.  Haven't been traveling but have been busy.

In August, I was diagnosed with diabetes and have been on medication after failing to get my numbers right with diet alone.  It's a constant battle but I'm getting smarter about the disease and better at picking the right foods to keep my numbers down.  I've had a couple of bad spikes where I thought I would have to call for help but I'm learning how to tell when I'm plummeting into hypoglycemia and eat to bring me up out of it. 

It's kind of a scary thing, this disease.  Constant monitoring of my blood and constant planning what to eat is a challenge.  However, the instant bio-feedback that the test strips provide is a great help to me.  I test before and after every meal and have learned what foods to avoid.  Have even lost a little weight in the process which makes me very happy.

During all of this medical drama, I have been crafting and getting an inventory ready for a showing in May.  My artwork can be seen on my other blog titled "YaYa's Back Porch Studio."

I'm enjoying this new endeavor and excited about seeing the fruits of my labor every time I complete a piece of art.  I built the website and may put a shopping cart on it eventually.  However, I plan on selling my work at the Island Wide Garage Sale on Grand Isle in May.  I have sold items every year with much success and hope to find a market for the work I am now doing.

Experienced another hurricane... this one named Issac.  Had some roof damage and water in my house.  Everything is fixed now and hope we don't have another one for a long time.  My outside house generator was not working so I slept in the motorhome with the generator running all night.  I had never done that before and worried all night long if I would run out of gas.  I didn't.  The house generator is now getting fixed by Lowe's and should be delivered sometime this week.  Then I'll be able to remain in my home for the next storm.

Rescued two kitty cats and placed one in a loving home and kept the other one for me.  I named her Ali Cat.  So I'll now be traveling with 3 cats and a dog.

 I've been homebound for 6 months and am ready for some traveling.  Now that it's cooler, I 've come back to the beach at Grand Isle for awhile.  Also want to visit the Paragon Casino in Marksville, LA as they have an RV Park.  Have heard a lot of good about their accomodations.   Then in December will be going back to Port Aransas on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Hope to stay a month or two and might go down to South Padre Island.  Don't have any further plans for January or February but will probably return to the beach here at home for a few weeks.

Have been thinking about trading in my Coachmen Freedom Express on a Class B Pleasure Way Van.  Did some negotiating with a dealer in Gainesville, Florida during the last few months and may drive down there in January.  When I first started looking at motorhomes I really wanted a Class B and now I think it's time to trade in the Class C and my conversion van and have only one vehicle in the diveway.  This is the unit I am looking at.

2005 Pleasure-Way Excel

So that's what I've been up to all these months.  Xi Shi and I can't wait to get back on the road again.

Me and Xi at my 65th surprise birthday party.

I arrived at my friend Pat's house on Grand Isle today after lunch and he fixed a few things that needed attention on the RV.  Then he let me drive his 4 wheeler around the island and said I can use it anytime I want.

Xi and I stopped at the Marina on our way in and took a walk on the beach.  She went for a swim and put on her happy face.  She loves the beach.  The weather is still pretty warm so I may go for a swim tomorrow.

It was so good to see the Gulf again.

Xi made friends with one of Pat's cats who wasn't too sure what to make of her friendliness.

Tomorrow we may go to a different RV park that we've never been to.

Had a great day and spent the evening with a dear friend who cooked me a steak and let me hook up to his electricity.  Life is good.