It was a dark day when she went away,

She prayed that her journey be safe and free.

That she would find tomorrow today,

Not knowing that today she’d spawn me.

I placed pink flowers as a garland on her head,

Which mirrored the blush on her young face.

She looked so peaceful lying on our bed,

Suspended in a state of grace.

Would she ever wear bridal garments of white,

Would she ever braid her hair?

Would she ever cradle her unborn children,

Or rock and watch the sleeping infants so fair?

In leaving she gave birth to a woman,

Who would come to mourn the loss.

Persistent in her thinking,

Yet unable to get her ideas across.

These questions I ask, but what answers,

Can this beautiful spirit give me now?

Death inhabits the mission of her life,

Making silence an eternal vow.

Yet somehow she looms voiceless,

With her name left in script on our growing Census roll.

But still I wonder if AnnaLee sings,

Somewhere in the dark abyss of my soul.

~~ Carmen Ray (another side of me)

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