Friday, June 21, 2013


Left Marksville around noon today and arrived home about 4:00 this afternoon.  Stopped once for fuel and to heat up some left-overs for a late lunch. 

I hate driving through Lafayette!  The roads are awful.  The bumps and potholes shake up everything in the RV... and makes for a constant banging sound.  I just know one of these days that the whole axel will fall off while driving on that road.  It might not be like that in a different vehicle but in this Class C it is awful.  If I return to Texas this coming winter I will not go through Lafayette.  I'll find a way to bypass it completely.

The doggies were so happy when we pulled into the driveway.  I opened the front door of the house and went back to open the RV door and out they ran and I mean RAN into the house.  They were running in circles around the kitchen and into the living room.  It was obvious that they were very happy. 

So now I'll wash off all of the sand and dirt on the RV and put the cover I purchased at Camping World on it for the next 4 months.  Haven't had any takers on my For Sale ad.  If it doesn't sell by December, I'll trade it in on a Class B.  I am feeling more confident with that decision every day.

Well, since I don't blog unless I'm camping in the motorhome - this is my last post for the summer.

Stay safe out there you RVers.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I rode the shuttle to the casino around noon today.  Was taken to the side door of the casino.  I walked around a bit.  Noticed where the buffet was located.  Played the quarter machines for awhile.

 Then tried the dollar machine - only once.  

Found a nickle machine and enjoyed that for awhile.  Then played the penny machine and won about $15.00 which I put back in but enjoyed myself.

Went to the buffet and had a small slice of pizza and some Bar-B-Que ribs.  Topped it all off with a small slice of chocolate cake.  All were not items on my diet but I convinced myself this was a one time thing so what the heck.

Walked around the casino some more and located the spa.  Took one of their brochures and said I'd be back.  I had planned on having a massage but just couldn't handle paying the price so maybe next time.

Peeked into the spa pool area - very nice.  Website photo.

Checked out the movie theater but nothing I wanted to see.

The atrium is really nice and reflects the area nicely.  Life-like looking alligators sunning in a pool... cypress trees and stumps with fish swimming around.

Played a little more on the slots - even tried the poker machine - then took the shuttle back to the RV via the golf course... a nice scenic tour.

 Back at the RV my little Tzus were so glad to see me.  Took them for a walk and now they are napping.

The A/C in the RV is constantly running and has not kicked off yet today.  It is some hot.  Guess I'll head for home tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well, I finally made it to the Paragon Casino in Marksville.  It was on my agenda last winter but I never did make it there.  The GPS took me down some pretty bad roads getting here from Holly Beach.  However, it is located not far from Interstate 49.  Going home should be a whole lot easier.

Slept well last night.  Let the generator and A/C run all day yesterday and all night last night.  I probably burned up $30 worth of gas but it was worth it to be comfortable.  It was really hot at the beach.

I was the only one on the beach each night I slept there.  Everyone left by 9:00pm.  I thought that the people in the camper would stay overnight but they didn't.  It was kinda freaky but I could see people in their camps along the beach so felt reasonably safe.  It was worth it to see the sun come up over the water this morning.  I walked the beach without the dogs and took it all in.  Not sure I'll ever be back there again.

Left Holly Beach this morning around 10:00 and arrived in Marksville around 2:00 this afternoon.  The RV park is located behind the casino and it is really big with over 200 RV pads with full hookups.  With my Good Sam's card I paid $17.00 a night.  I paid for 2 nights but may stay longer.  There is a shuttle that comes by every 15 minutes to take you to the casino but I could easily walk there from my RV spot which is also near the pool and other amenities.  There are some really cute little cabins that rent for $50.00 a night.  Motorized vehicles like bikes, scooters, and golfcarts are allowed.  Every pad also has a cement picnic table and benches as well as its own shade tree.  How cool is that?

 I put out my awning and 2 chairs and fixed some lunch.  Walked the dogs and then it started to rain.  I'm too tired to go to the casino tonight but I will tomorrow.  I'll be missing the all you can eat crawfish that's offered every Wednesday but that's OK.  I rarely eat out but do plan on enjoying some of their food during my stay here.  I'm not a gambler and if I do play the slots it will be for nickles and dimes.  I'll be just as happy walking around and watching others play.

It's good to be back on full hookups.  Can't wait to take a long hot shower.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Didn't sleep all that well last night.  There was a good strong breeze coming into the bedroom window but I was missing my cold AC and tossed and turned alot.  The dogs were acting strange as well.  It was probably 3:00am before we all got to sleep.  The ocean roar and the whistling noise of the wind whipping around the camper kept the dogs awake.  I could tell they were not comfortable.  I kind of liked all that noise.  I love hearing the roar of the waves.

I was also having some kidney pain and had to take a pain pill.  This morning all was fine.  Had coffee and walked the dogs.  It was nice outside and we had fun.

I've never seen Xi Shi so laid back at the beach.

Cha Bu has never slept under the chair which is usually where the cats sleep.  Both of them have displayed strange behavior on this trip.

Spent the rest of the day napping and reading.  Used the generator and A/C most of the day.   This evening the sky got really dark and I checked the weather on my iphone and it showed that the rain was going to pass over us here at the beach.  I was ready to move into the RV park a block away if it started to storm.  Took this photo through the window.

We're leaving tomorrow for the Paragon Casino in Marksville, LA.  Google Earth shows that there is a very nice RV park next to the casino.  I've been wanting to visit and now will finally get to do that.

Monday, June 17, 2013


I wanted to sleep next to the Gulf just one more time before the real hot days of summer would prevent doing that.  So this morning I packed up the dogs and food and left the cats at home.  Just going for a week and they do well with lots of food and water and large litter box.

Left Houma around noon and arrived at Holly Beach, LA at 4:30.  Last time I drove here I took the back roads and it took me 5 hours.  I thought I could cut at least an hour off of that time by staying on the interstate till I got to Lake Charles then head south but to my surprise it only cut 30 minutes off my travel time.

I was glad to see that it was windy on the beach so knew I would be able to sleep with the windows open.  I was also very happy to see another camper and parked near it.  Last time I was here was in December and there was no one camping on the beach.  There also seems to be alot of cars here for the day with children playing in the surf.  So far, I feel safe.  This area is pretty isolated and the nearest store is 20 miles away.  There are many camps but not sure if they are occupied at this time.  Don't see many cars at these houses.

The dogs were glad to be on the sand again and sniffed to their little heart's content.  They slept all the way here and were ready to potty.  Even though it was windy it was very hot.  Didn't stay long outside.  Came in and turned the generator on and then the AC.  It was 90 degrees in the coach with the wind blowing in through the open windows and door.  The dogs were panting so hard and looking at me as if to ask, "Hey, what's going on here?"  It took awhile to get the coach cool but it's nice now.

My favorite things to see out my camper door - sand and surf.

I'll run the generator till the sun goes down and then see if I can stand the heat.  I sure do miss winter.  Just love camping when it's cold.