Tuesday, February 7, 2012


One of the first things I wanted to do when I purchased my RV was to visit every State Park in my home state of Louisiana.  There are 22 and all are on or near water.  I've traveled throughout the state in the past but never really got off main highways so now it's time to stop and smell the pine.

I'm starting at the tip of the boot of the state then work my way up.  Most of the parks are along the perimeter of the state and flow in a sort of circle.  I've divided the trip into two parts.  The first part will take me to 6 parks that are not in alignment with the others in my planned circle.  So I will see them first, taking a week or so, then return home.  When I leave again in March I will visit the rest and probably be gone for 3 months.

I have decided not to travel to Washington D.C. in March for the rally.  I just can't fathom the thought of driving in a large city, then having to take a bus to get to where I want to go.  Most of all, I can't afford the cost of campgrounds in that area.  Traveling in Louisiana using my Senior Pass will save me lots of money.  Staying on the road for a few months still won't be as expensive as going to D.C. - so I've changed my plans.

I arrived at Bayou Segnette State Park around noon and have a nice spot but not near the water.  Only the cabins are on the water and RVs are not allowed in that area.  Bummer!  I would like to find a place to do some fishing.  I paid for 2 days but wish I would have only paid for one.  The lots are large and spacious, however, my picnic table is behind my coach.  I don't like that.  The asphalt is elevated pretty high and very narrow so my outside rug near my door slants off onto the ground and I've tripped over several times while walking outside.

I walked down one of the nature trails and rode my bike around the campground.  It's nice and quiet and clean.  It's located about 30 minutes from the city of New Orleans.

Had a problem with a burnt fuse that works the refridgerator.  Replaced it.  Today while using the microwave the breaker flipped off and shut everything down.  I was using the A/C as well.   I flipped it back on but nothing happened.  I waited a while then went outside and unplugged the cord and then plugged it in again.  Turned the 30 amp breaker back on and went back inside the coach.  Everything was fine.  I just can't use that damn microwave if anything else is on.

Had a bit of a migraine all day and am still fighting it tonight.  That's the second time I leave for a trip and suffer with a migraine on the first day.  Hummm, seems like a pattern is forming here.  This is supposed to be relaxing.  However, I understand that traveling solo is a bit intimidating because everything falls on you.  There's no one else there to help out with any of the chores or the worries.  I sure would like to have someone travel along in their RV.

Supper time.  Not sure what I'll fix tonight.  I brought along about 10 new movies but not sure which one I'll watch.  I think I need a glass of wine first.  All these decisions make my head hurt.


  1. I've been to several state parks that put the table behind the RV. I think it's so you can have privacy from the road. Sounds like you have some nice trips planned. I don't think I would want to drive an RV around Washington DC, either.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I'd have decided the same thing. I'd much rather use my senior pass and stay on the road longer than go to DC.

    I can't use my electrical stuff together, either, or I blow the circuit breaker. If I want to use the A/C, the microwave, or my hair dryer, I turn the others off first. I'm used to it now, but the first time I was surprised that I couldn't run more things at once. Our little electrical systems just can't handle that much, I guess. I've worked for places where you couldn't use a space heater in the winter because the fuses would blow. Same thing, I guess. I'm just happy I CAN run them, even if it is one at a time. :)

  3. Hi Barbara... That's a good way to look at the situation. And I really am happy to have all the conveniences of home wherever I go. What a way to travel!!!

  4. Hi Linda! Nice to see you are out on an adventure. Yes, being an independent woman can have its drawbacks, but they are few. I would love to caravan with you! Maybe next winter when I plan on spending some time in Louisiana. You can do the recon for me!

  5. Hi Chris... Yes I'm back on the road again. I was getting really bored at home. I'm really excited about my next trip - leaving on March 1st. Hoping to stay gone 3 months. Want to go across the state line into Arkansas and possibly into Oklahoma.

    Caravaning would be fun. Next winter I'll be more experienced and hope to stay on the road a lot more. Don't have any plans yet. Due to finances I'll probably stay close to home visiting neighboring states.

  6. I stayed at Bayou Segnette years ago when my son had to go to a doctor in New Orleans. He wanted to fish too and I don't remember that we could get to any water. I'm surprised to see so many sites empty this close to Mardi Gras.

    I went through DC a few years ago. The traffic was terrible. I was on my way to New Jersey when my son retired from the Air Force. That was one trip my GPS never missed a turn. Some trips it is a nightmare. When I'm on the road I write down the roads I need to take, the towns I will be going through and where I need to change highways. Just so the GPS doesn't get me into something like a ferry.

    My first trip will be the first week of March. I'm going to Mustang Island, TX for a week.


  7. Hi Martha... Just noticed this entry from you. I loved Mustang Island and think you will, too. Check out my posts and photos about the area.