Saturday, December 8, 2012


Woke up at 6:30 this morning... don't know why.  My head up against the window feeling the cool breeze on my face I looked out and the sky appeared overcast so I didn't expect to see the sun rise... but I did.  That doesn't happen at home.  I'm not a morning person.  Got the camera out and starting clicking away hoping one of them would come out nice.

Come on Momi... it's not really morning yet.

Xi Shi just would not wake up.  Guess she needs her beauty sleep.

Had breakfast and then took a mid-morning walk to the bay.

This area is free overnight camping.  This view is facing the Gulf.   I'm thinking of moving here when my week is up.

This view is facing the bay. 
I've never seen such tame pelicans.  They must be waiting patiently for someone to throw them a fish.

Interesting campers along the bay.
A holiday decor for the beach. 

A Sandy Clause.

A Toyota Dolphin.

An old Coachmen.

This one is from Arkansas.

Xi Shi liked this little Chihuahua.

We took the road leading into the park on our way back to our camper.  That's it on the right.

I had not brought along any cat toys so today I picked up some feathers and a stick along the beach and made a cat toy.

This is Caiche enjoying the toy.

This is the new kitty Ali Cat enjoying the toy.  I think it's a hit.

Chris came over to visit us today.  She rode her bike and her little dog Edna ran along side of her for a few miles.  It took them an hour to get to where I am parked.  I wish I had taken a photo of them riding off when they left but I didn't think of it at the time. 

We had another great day at the beach with great weather.


Friday, December 7, 2012


The weather was perfect today.  It's just like summertime here in Port Aransas.  It's hard to believe it's December.  Of course, that will be changing in a few days.  We will be getting rain and a cold front.  Can't wait.

The rising sun shining through my front door this morning.

This is the view that I love to see out of my front door. 

I was pleased to have a neighbor move in next to me this morning.  They are from Colorado and have a beautiful 5th wheel.

  I was eager to use my new awning so unrolled it this afternoon.  It got really hot around mid afternoon and the shade was nice.  Later, it got a bit windy and I had trouble rolling it back up.  I barely avoided a disaster when the wind blew it up while I was trying to collapse it.  That was a close call.

Huge tanker going through the pass.

We had a very relaxing day.  We'd sit out on our chairs, then take a walk, then go inside and snack, then sit out on our chairs again.  I did a lot of reading and Xi and the cats did a lot of napping.  And all the while I could hear the roar of the Gulf.  Just love it.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


We had a lot of fog this morning and couldn't leave Magnolia Beach until noon. 

Arrived in Port Aransas at 4:00 this afternoon with stops for fuel and an hour in the grocery store.

Enjoyed the ferry ride.

Got to the I B Magee Park and registered at the office for a week at a cost of  $75.00.  This is for dry camping on the beach with the use of their dump station and laundry.

Entering the beach.

I B Magee Office

I parked near the office and as close to the waves as I could get.  Put my mat down in front of the door, my 2 folding chairs, and a container with a little water for Xi Shi to wash her feet before going into the RV.  We're set for a week in one spot.  YEAH!!!

She really perked up when she saw all the dogs being walked on the beach.

We were entertained for a time by this parasail guy trying to keep his glider up which he then attached to a 3 wheeler and it rode him around the beach.

Chris came by for a while but will be staying further up the beach in free parking.  Tomorrow we will ride up the beach road to see what it is like.  I've never been any further than where I am now so am curious as to what is out there.

It's been a pretty enjoyable day today.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Met up with my friend Chris from Vermont who is a fulltimer.  Last year at this time we met here at Magnolia Beach.  Looks like this may become a tradition. 

Her friend Dave came by and we all went for a walk on the beach with Edna and Xi Shi in tow.  At first Xi was jealous of little Edna but I think in time that will change.  She is slowly warming up to her.  She watched me hold and hug Edna and I don't think she liked not getting all of the attention like she usually does.

We met an interesting young couple from Oregon.
Their van is painted like corn kernels.  They are making the rounds selling Kettle Corn.  How cool is that?

That's a dog's face wearing glasses on the hood.  Not sure why.

Chris got the scoop while I took the photos (with permission).

Chris took some photos of me and Xi and this one is my favorite.

Giving kisses.

Good shot of Chris and Edna, a very sweet little doggie.

The weather here today is just perfect.  It started out a bit chilly but it has turned into shorts and tee shirt time.

Placed a Peace Rock.  We're leaving in the morning.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Left Galveston around 11:00 this morning and arrived at Magnolia Beach around 3:00 this afternoon.  Galveston and the Jamaica Island area have some of the most beautiful houses I've ever seen.  I enjoyed my drive through the area.

Hit some pretty bad weather about 30 miles before reaching my destination.  It was raining so hard I could barely see the lines on the road... I just kept following the vehicle in front of me hoping the rain would ease up. 

Pulling into Magnolia Beach

I thought I might like to park next to one of the shelters but it is too far away from the water for me. 

Not many folks here today.

That's where I parked last year, right next to the pier, when I met Chris. 

This is a good spot.

It rained really hard after I took this shot.

Once settled in at the beach I fixed a sandwich and devoured it I was so hungry.  Then I opened some windows to enjoy the cool breeze.  The rain picked up again and it was so nice and relaxing to hear the drops on the roof and I was so tired that I fell asleep.  Had my head against the open window by the sofa and felt the soft splash of raindrops on my face.  The cats peeked their heads out of the open window, too but didn't like getting wet.  I woke up 2 hours later.

Hoping tomorrow is sunny and cold.  I love the beach when it's cold.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Last night I got to watch TV for a change.  There were many channels coming in and I didn't even have my antennae up.  Slept great!  Woke up around 8:00 ready to hit the beach after breakfast.

Got up to make coffee and noticed something dark on Xi Shi's side of the sofa.  Well... a little pile of poop was left by someone who is obviously not happy.  Cleaned it up and went to see if the litter box was dirty.  Stood up on the passenger seat to look into the box up on the bunk bed and felt my foot was wet.  Climbed down and noticed that someone had peed on Xi Shi's bed which sits on the passenger seat.  So it would appear that the cats are in rebellion.

I have slip covers on the seats so that helped protect the seat itself but the urine soaked through Xi Shi's bed and the seat cover.  I was furious.

Took the doggie bed and placed it in the sink and tried to soak it in soapy water.  Not easy to do as it soaks up about a gallon of water.  Placed it outside in the sun to dry.  It's now almost 10 hours later and it's still not dry and still has a faint odor.  I'll have to store it in the basement till we get back home.

I placed doggie pads on both seats as well as the sofa just in case the cats tried to do the same thing again.  I am trying to figure out which one did the deed and why.  I can only come up with one answer.  It has never happened before so it must be the new kitten.  Not sure why except jealousy of the dog.  Maybe it's because I close the bedroom door at night... no cats allowed.  But that can't be it because I close my bedroom door at home also and this has never happened.  Tonight I'll leave it open and we'll see.

Xi Shi and I did our usual morning walk on the beach.  I think she's peed on every bush on the beach and has really left her mark. 

On our long walk down the beach, look what we saw.

Let's just say we didn't walk over but ran over the dunes to get back to our camper.

Before leaving the beach, I placed a Peace Rock in one of the biggest bushes on the beach.  We're leaving in the morning.