Friday, June 24, 2011


Here are some photos taken at Grand Isle, LA a couple of years ago.

Father and daughter horseback riding on the beach.

My golf cart lost in the last hurricane.

Are these seagulls doing what I think they're doing?

Shrimping right off the beach.

A digital painting of a photo.

Fishing boats and oil rigs right off the beach.

State Park entrance

Here are some photos of the beach at Grand Isle, LA during one of their clean up operations of the oil spill.  Photos taken one year ago.

Large pieces of equipment sifting sand.

Orange fencing and orange boom.

A tribute to some of the things lost.

The natives really didn't like Tony.

Monday, June 20, 2011


The only way to enjoy the outdoors here in South Louisiana is to be in water.  So... I purchased this lounging pool.  Fits just right in the corner of my small back yard.  It has 2 drink holders - one for beer and one for wine ;-) and cushions to sit on while relaxing your head on the back cushions.  Just love it.  Now I don't have to wait till 7:00pm to go outside when the temp has cooled off some. 

That's not an outhouse in the corner.  It's a tool shed that looks like an outhouse.

I finally found space for many of my wooden plaques that I brought home from the camp.

Spoke to my realtor today and she will be presenting my counter offer to the new buyer today.  I should know something in a day or two.