Thursday, May 9, 2013


When I returned home from my last trip to the beach, I emailed the seller on Amazon concerning the burned out motor on my electric bike.  After several emails back and forth, I was informed that their technicians advised that the defective bike should be returned and a new bike would be shipped to me at no expense.  I was asked if I still had the original shipping box that the bike came in and of course I did not keep it.  So I asked if they could ship me the new bike and I would use that shipping carton to return the defective bike to them.  That was agreed upon although they explained that was not usually done.  Within 6 days I received the new bike.

Arrived in good shape.

Old bike - new unopened bike.

Very well packaged.

I was trying to package the old bike exactly like the new one in order to fit into the box with ease.  I laid the box on its side and slid the old bike into the box.  It wasn't easy to do with my injured hand but I was determined to do it by myself.

Once I got the bike into the box I lifted it back onto its bottom.  Now I am excited to open up the new bike and began removing the numerous amounts of tape and foam packaging. 

I sat it up and popped it into place.  Stood back and noticed something was missing.   There was no battery.  It dawned on me that they did not send a battery because I informed them that there was nothing wrong with the battery on the defective bike that I was returning.  However, they did not mention that in the emails exchanged.  So now I have to unload the loaded defective bike in order to get to the battery.  Crap! 
Removed the bubble wraps and as it turns out I did not have to unload but merely reached in and unlocked the battery and pulled it up and out.

Here is the new bike with battery and the old bike packaged and ready to be taped.

My new and very comfortable seat I purchased a month ago for $32.00 at the local bike shop.

I got on the computer and emailed the seller that the old bike was packaged but I could not find the pre-paid return packing slip they said would be included.  Then decided to place a call and speak to someone concerning this packing slip.  Spoke to a friendly staff person who checked the order and said that a packing slip had indeed not been sent to me.  So she informed me that she would send one electronically to UPS and that they would be picking up the package the next day.

I inflated the tires and rode the bike down my street and it seems to ride better than the old bike.  Just maybe the old bike was not performing as it should have.  So I am very thankful for the cooperation of the seller (Golf Outlets USA) in honoring my warranty and replacing the bike at no cost to me.