Wednesday, October 12, 2011


What a long day this was.  Got up at the crack of dawn.  Gulped down some breakfast and got dressed.  Fed the dog.  Walked the dog.  Groomed the dog.  Unhooked the coach and headed out for Dixie RV to get the leaky window fixed.  Got there at 8:00.  Went to the service department and asked for Adam.  He filled out a service order and took the coach into a stall by 8:30. WOW... I was impressed.

I put the Shih Tzu in her doggie stroller and loaded it up with lunch, water, and her dog food.  She stayed in her stroller and got lots of attention while I shopped at Camping World.  Bought a pet basket for the front of my bike, a wind sock, and a tire gauge.

Then I walked around the grounds and let Xi Shi walk in the grass.  She enjoyed that.  We found a picnic table on the outskirts of the property and stayed there for awhile.  Then we went back inside Dixie RV and after looking at some of the RVs - sat in their showroom for the next few hours. 

Finally, Adam came out and said that it appeared to be some cracked caulking at the top of the window.  They sealed it and he was waiting for the sealant to dry and then he was going to test again for leaks.  A couple of hours later it was ready.  We left at 2:00pm and headed for home.  Got home at 4:00.  Waiting is very tiring.  Even Xi Shi appeared exhausted and fell asleep in the coach and slept all the way home.

The cost was $220.00.  My shopping was $82.00.  My campground stay was $29.00.  Total of $331 not counting fuel.  Pretty expensive trip.
Adam explained that I could do the same type of repair using clear, exterior silicone around the edges of the rubber window seals.  Yep.. you bet I will.

No photos... left the camera in the coach.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Left home this morning around 10:00 heading for Hammond and Dixie RV for repair of my leaky window in the RV.  Got to Punkin Park Campground around noon and set up in spot 49... right next to the Interstate.  It's a good thing my AC makes a lot of white noise so I think I'll sleep alright tonight.  As soon as the sun wakes me in the morning I'll be leaving for Dixie RV which is less than a mile from here.

Took a ride to Camping World, which is next door to Dixie RV, and noticed the parking lot was full of RVs.  Not good.  That means they are really busy and I'm hoping they can take me first thing in the morning as I plan on going home tomorrow afternoon.  I'm not sure what time they open but I'll be there when they open the gates.  I didn't bring my 2 cats on this trip so they are at home alone.  They do fine for a few days so I don't want to stay gone too long.

This campground is alright for an overnighter but I wouldn't stay here again.  The spots are grass and the streets are gravel.  I'm next to the office and swimming pool which is fine.  The spot has WiFi, electric, water, and sewer which I like but won't need.  The cost was $29.00 which I don't like.  I think they get a lot of RVers who are having work done at DIxie RV as it is so close.

It  is good to be back in the coach and away from home.  Me and my little Shih Tzu are enjoying our time here and have walked around the area several times today and placed our Peace Rock #5. 

Now we are getting ready to watch a little TV.  The movie tonight is "Fool's Gold."  Supper is left over Chicken Fricassee' with rice.

More photos tomorrow.

Monday, October 10, 2011


End Columbus Day

End Genocide

Indigenous People's Day (also known as Native American Day) is a secular holiday celebrated in various localities in the United States, begun as a counter-celebration to Columbus Day. The purpose of the day is to promote Native American culture and commemorate the history of Native American peoples. The celebration began in Berkeley, California as an alternative to Columbus Day, which is listed as a federal holiday in the United States but is not observed as a state holiday in every state.   Indigenous People's Day is usually held on the second Monday of October, coinciding with federal observance of Columbus Day.