Tuesday, May 28, 2013


What a day I had today.  Well, actually it all started last night while in the shower.  Just as I had my head wet and lathered with shampoo the shower hose broke off at the spicket and water rose up into the air like a fountain hitting the ceiling and splashing back down on me.  Disconnected the hose from the wall bracket and tried to tape it back together with duct tape.  Didn't work so I just finished my shower with the water fountain flow of water.

Then this morning I locked up the RV, packed up the dogs in their cart along with some bottled water and retrieved my bamboo mat from the basement to bring along as it is too difficult to carry a chair along with the dogs in the cart.  Then off we went exploring the beach on the electric bike.   

Happiness before the storm.

We rode to the fishing pier and went all the way to the end.  I love it there.  It always makes me feel like I'm on a large ship cruising over the ocean.  Let the dogs out so they could walk around a bit.  Cha Bu tried to crawl under the fence to get to the water below but the opening was too small and she gave up trying.

How can I get down to that water?

We left there and rode to the bath house pier and rode down the handicap ramp to the beach.  Crossed over the tenting area and off the state park and onto the town beach.  The beach is very dirty this week.  The tide is also very high and there is water in some spots that block me from riding into town.  So we stopped just outside of the state park and I let them out to play in the waves.

Her feet are all up in the air as she runs through the water.

You can see how the water has risen and goes all the way to the levee and has blocked off the beach.

Took some photos and had a good time with the Tzus. 

We later headed back to the campground.  I went to unlock the RV door and slipped my hand in the left pocket of my shorts where I usually put my keys and it was empty. 

First thing I thought of was that the keys had fallen out while riding the bike.  So, trying to keep the panic I was beginning to feel at bay, I decided to retrace my tracks and rode to the fishing pier.  Nothing there.  Went to the office and asked of anyone had reported finding a large set of keys.  Nothing there.

Then rode back out to the bath house pier and parked the bike under the gazebo in the shade and left the dogs there in order to walk the path I took earlier in order to search the beach for the keys.  I locked the bike's ignition, pulled the keys out and put them in my left hand. 

Began my long walk searching every where I had been.  Ran into the campground host who was cleaning the beach and asked him for help.  He offered to ride me around in his 4x4 to look for the keys.  He was very helpful and we must have searched that beach area for an hour and found nothing. 

He rode me back to my bike and dogs and said he would meet me at the RV in order to climb into the bedroom window that I never lock in order to unlock the front door.  When I got to my bike at the gazebo the dogs were so glad to see me.  Poor little things must have thought that I abandoned them.  I bent down to turn the ignition key on and there was no key.  I dug in my pockets and no keys.  So now I'm thinking they were now also lost on that long stretch of beach.  I pushed the bike all the way back to my RV and helped the campground host climb into my camper.  He unlocked the door and I placed the dogs inside.   

I searched in the bike basket but found no keys.  By this time I'm trembling.  The stress adding to my low blood sugar from not having lunch made me weak and confusion started to set in from the blood sugar spike.  I could not think clearly.  I tried to calm myself down so I could remember exactly what I had done and where the keys might be.

I searched the inside of the doggie cart but no keys.  I removed the bamboo mat that I had not used and returned it to the basement.  Opened the hatch door and placed the mat inside and there they were.  My keys.  What a relief that was.  It seems that I put them down when I grabbed the mat and just forgot them.

Now I had to concentrate on finding the bike keys.  I returned to the beach on foot and spent another hour searching for the small keys for the bike.  No luck.  Returned to the RV very down and very shaky.  Had some lunch and went back outside racking my brain as to where the keys might be.

I tried once again to search the bike basket only this time I removed everything from the inside of the bag.  And my last reach inside my fingers felt the keys.  I pulled them out and could not believe my eyes.  How did they get in this basket.  I would not have pulled them out of the ignition and put them in the bike basket.  That would just make no sense at all.  The only thing I can think of is that this set of keys are a spare set that I placed there when I got the new bike weeks ago.  I think the original keys are out there on that beach.  However, I'm not going to look for them anymore. 

By this time I'm a complete wreck.  The whole episode really shook me up.  It seems that every time I take the RV out for a short trip something happens to cause stress.  I can't handle stress.  It affects every medical ailment I have.  I put a lot of effort into making my life as stress free as I can in order to keep my body from being adversly affected.  Don't think I can take much more of this.  Camping is supposed to be fun.

So tonight I'm feeling sore all over from having to push that bike all the way back to the campground.  I'm also fighting a migrain.  So I took a pain pill.  I have also felt some tightening in my chest and the anxiety I felt most of the day today is subsiding a bit since I took a Xanax.  Thank goodness for drugs :-)

This episode has made me rethink locking my RV.  I was so upset that I said I would never lock it again.  I don't ever want to pull on that door handle and not have it open for me to enter.  EVER AGAIN!

 Tomorrow my friend Pat will be picking me up to take me into town to buy some boiled crabs.  I also need to get a few things at the supermarket.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Yesterday was a restful day as I did not do anything, not even blog.  Feeling really exhausted from loading and unloading all of those boxes of crafts and getting up early and not eating right - just feeling lousy.

This morning I slowed the pace down a bit and took my time packing up and getting ready to go to the State Park for a week.   Spent some time with Pat on his outdoor kitchen deck.  He has lots of my artwork all over his property, especially on his deck.  

Those pelicans were a gift from me.

He bought one of my favorite serving trays at the garage sale and put in near his stove.

That is a retablo of a mermaid I made especially for him.

The cups on the table were a gift from me.

The bar was a gift from me.  I made the wooden fish up near the roof as well as painted the mermaids on his ceiling fan blades.

Took a ride with him in his 4 wheeler and checked out some of the crossover areas of the beach for future reference.

Walked on the beach a bit.

Stopped to talk to ladies walking their dog.  A cute little long haired Chihuahua.

Beach memorial to the men who died during the oil spill.

 Left Pat's house around noon and drove to the dock to purchase some shrimp for boiling. Got set up at the campground and took the bike out to the beach for a run.  Found a picnic table at the far end of the beach and laid down for awhile in the sun.  It felt great.  

There are a lot of folks leaving the park after a long holiday weekend.  However, it is still more crowded than it is in the winter time when I'm usually here. 

 I could not get my usual spot #29 and am in #2 which is right across the street and I'm pleased with it. 

Later I rode the little doggies around the campground in their doggie cart... then took them for a long walk.  They were so glad to be out and about.  I had been keeping them inside because of all the burrs they pick up  in the grass at Pat's house.  There are not so many here at the park so we'll do a lot more walking this week.

Xi Shi looking out of the living room window.

Boiled shrimp for supper then was ready for a shower.  Just as I got my head wet the shower hose broke at the faucet.  Just split into.  Water was flying up into the air like a water fountain.  I let it run and finished my shower.  Tried to tape it with duct tape but it does not hold it together very well.  Guess I'll have to buy a new shower hose when I get back home.  I still have the outside shower that I can use if need be.

It's pretty windy tonight and my awning is flapping loudly.  Hoping it calms down later tonight.  Really tired.  Going to bed early.