Saturday, November 12, 2011



Had a good night’s sleep Friday night in the campground at Oceanside RV Park. At 9:00 am, Chris (who is traveling down from Vermont) and her little poodle Sofie drove up and we had a nice visit. I checked out of the campground and we both went to the free beach across the street. Parked right next to the water and walked the beach.

She really liked this little male Shih Tzu and was making out with him under the truck.

Xi Shi met many other doggies and had a good walk. Tonight will be awesome as I’ll be able to hear the surf and let it lull me to sleep. And it’s all free. There are many big rigs parked here... some with solar panels. We saw one coach from Canada.

Chris encouraged me to learn how to use my Propane for the fridge so I could dry camp. I hope all goes well with that. It’s the first time I’ve ever used the Propane on the fridge. 
I walked out of the camper after dark to get something out of the basement and to my surprise there was the moon coming up over the water. There were some low lying clouds so it took a little while for it to peek through. Just enough time for me to get my Nikon D80, set it to night setting, and anchor it to my ladder on the back of the coach. No time to get the tripod set up. Then here it came... slowly... and lit up Madagordo Bay in a long slender streak. As it continued to rise it gave off a different glow on the water and brighter and brighter over our heads.

Chris was relaxing at the end of the pier with her little dog Sofie. I thought it would be a great shot if she sat in front of the light. So she did and I got some great shots. They could have been better if I had used the tripod but I’m happy with what I got.

We then set up our chairs and for the next hour we watched the moon glow over the Bay and listened to the waves breaking on the beach. It was great.

When I went to bed I opened my window and bundled up under the covers with my doggie and two cats by my side. It was cold but I enjoyed it.

So this is boondocking. I love it.

Slept well but woke at 5:30 this morning and waited for the sunrise. Got some photos of that as well.

We left Magnolia Beach around 10:00 and headed for Port Aransas. Stopped in Rockport at a thrift store and looked around. Chris bought a few things and I got a Beach sign.

We rode to IB Magee RV Park and when we exited out vehicles we were slammed with Red Tide. I started to choke and cough and had trouble breathing. Chris was coughing, too. We went into the office and inquired about the air quality and was told that it was bad. So we left and went to one other park but I didn’t like it so I followed Chris to her campground where she stays every winter - which is away from the beach. That’s where I am for a week. Corner lot with full hookups.  Got in about 4:00.

The beach looked great. The Gulf was rough and it was windy. There were people all over the beach enjoying themselves and we couldn’t understand how they could do it because we could hardly breathe.

Got set up at Tropical Island RV Park and walked the dog who had to potty really bad. Poor little thing. Once again, she wouldn’t walk and I knew immediately that it was those burrs stuck to her feet. So I picked them off of her and she pottied and when we got back to the coach I picked off a few more - even some on her face. I feel so bad for her. I don’t know how she is going to manage for a week. I’ll have to think of something.

Very tired as I got 5 hours of sleep last night so really want to hit the sack early tonight.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Left Surfside Beach for Port Lavaca around noon.  Arrived in Magnolia Beach at 2:30.  Rode on the free beach (Indianola Beach) and took photos.  It's a sandy shell beach on Madagordo Bay with shelters dotted along the way.

Finally got to park next to water.

She didn't like walking on all those shells.

My very small site.

Street to the beach.

My little doggie was having trouble walking and finally just stopped in her tracks.  I thought that maybe a shell had cut her foot so I took a look.  She had those prickly spurs all over her feet and legs from walking in the grass.  I could have cried when I saw that.  How it must have hurt her to walk because she kept trying but would take a step then stop.  When I started to pull them out of her fur they cut my fingers as well.  So I was bleeding but I kept pulling.  Finally she was able to walk the rest of the way back to the coach.   No more walking on grass for her.

We're only staying here one night then on to Port Aransas.  I really don't like this driving then stopping then driving then stopping.  If I were a full-timer I think I would have a rule... no stopping for less than a week at a time. 

I'm feeling much better since I had those 2 days of rest.  However, today I stopped and got cold medicine. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Left Livingston around 10:00 this morning and drove to Liverpool where I once lived in 1975.  I wanted to find a fishing spot we used to go to and the house we used to live in.  I think I found the bayou but I think the house was torn down.  The bayou water level was so low it looked like a drainage ditch.  The level must be at least 10 feet below normal.  Texas has sure suffered with the drought this year.

I left there without stopping because there was no place for me to pull the coach over on the side of the road.  I really wanted to bury a time capsule but maybe next time.

I left there and headed for the Freeport area.  Arrived at Surfside Beach around 2:30 and set up.  I am very close to the beach and have a great view of the Gulf which is raging right now.  It's very rough and windy.  There is a front coming through and the temps will be dropping.  No shorts tomorrow.

The view coming down the bridge to Surfside.  Awesome!

My little doggie had not pottied all day so took her for a walk on the beach.  She loved it.  She wanted to run all over the place.  I had to tell her several times to "wait" and she'd give me a look like "why?"

The view from our site.

Hammocks for two?

Nice beach house.

That's me parked right next to the office.

Got back to the coach and ate a very late lunch.  Am now ready to go to bed and it isn't even dark yet.  I woke with a sore throat and now have a fever so I'll take some meds and hit the sack.  Hope to feel better tomorrow.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Well I made it through the weighing process. The results weren’t too bad. On my GVWR I’m 1,000 pounds under the total weight limit of 14,050. On my GAWR-Front I’m 850 pounds under the total weight limit of 4,600. And for the GAWR-Rear (my overloaded basement) I’m 150 pounds under the total weight limit of 9,450. Whew! I barely made the grade on that one. I will remove some of the heavy items when I return home and not travel with them all again.

The right side of my coach is heavier than my left side. I find this strange as my slide and my water tanks and my can goods and my fridge are all on the left side. My right side weighs 550 pounds more than my left side. There is no place for me to put any more supplies on the left side of the coach to balance it out. I would like to move about 260 pounds from the right side to the left side. That would make it much more balanced but I have no idea how I’m going to do that.

My tire weight capacity is within safe limits. I have a Load Range of 2470 pounds for each tire. The duals in the rear come in at 2425 pounds on the right side and 2225 pounds on the left side - both close to my limit. The left front tire comes in at 1800 pounds and the right front at 1950 pounds. They’re good.

This Smart Weigh Program was the main reason for me attending the RV Boot Camp and I have to say it was well worth it. I learned a lot of life saving tips on tire safety and weight management these last two days and highly recommend the program.

Now it’s on to unwinding and having some fun.

This coach is driven by a solo lady RVer from Lafayette, LA.

This fellow travels all over the country in his van pulling his boat.

Little Caiche' is fascinated by all the people and doggies that walk around our campsite.

Bunny has staked her claim to this spot in front of the bedroom window.

Xi Shi loves meeting other doggies.

Oh... I forgot to post about this.

This morning while walking the dog I noticed one of the presenters doing a walk through with my neighbors across the street who were attendees and who just purchased their first RV.  He was giving them indepth instructions on how to hook up and back up, etc.  He is the same presenter that told me it would be better for me to take my specific questions to my dealership.  Well.... BUSTED!

I walked over and casually said, "I didn't know you made house calls."  He laughed and said that he didn't.  I replied, "Well I'd like you to come over to my coach next door for just a minute as I have a couple of questions."  A few minutes later he was there.  I didn't ask all of my questions but he did help with a couple.  However, he couldn't tell my how to drain my fresh water tank.  This is the third person who cannot figure out how to do that.  I was grateful that he came over to help.    

My neighbor to my left, Allen, has been a real help to me.  I noticed that my water intake regulator's screen was busted so he gave me one of his that he keeps as a spare.  He also helped me back in twice and has offered to help in any way he can with any problems I have.  He has offered to look at my fresh water tank drain and try to figure it out this afternoon.  Very nice of him.  I actually feel safe just being next to him in the campground. 

Everyone here waves as they go by and stops to talk to my doggie.  I like that.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I am now officially a graduate of RV Boot Camp. Thank goodness that's over. It was exhausting to sit from 8:00 in the morning to almost 8:00 at night. I am so wiped out that I'll need a day or two to recouperate. My hypoglycemia is all out of wack from not eating the right foods or at the right times. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Taken from the porch where I stayed for most of today's class.  It was nice and cool on the porch.

Check out the little car riding piggy back.

One of the solo ladies who drives a Class A bus.  I really want one of those electric scooters.

After hearing the presenters tell about all of the horror stories of people dying in their motorhomes due to loss of control after a blowout or when their coach catches fire - lots of attendees were having second thoughts about either purchasing their first RV or continuing with their plans to full time.  It's really frightening to know how many folks each year go through these types of situations and don't come out alive.  I tried to block out what they were saying because I don't want that to stick in my head while I'm traveling down the road.  However, this tidbit made it through my block... the most dangerous item in an RV is the refrigerator and there's not much you can do about that.  The ammonia and hydrogen are the deadly culprits.  I thought it would be the propane which is dangerous but not the number one thing.

Weight management and tire safety were the most informative parts of the seminar.  Having the coach weighed tomorrow and hope it's not too much over my limit.  Then I'll chill for awhile and maybe stay another day or so. Then heading out towards Freeport (maybe Galveston) with a stop inbetween. Then down to Port Lavaca, Port O'Conner, and Port Aransas to meet up with other solo women RVers. 

Hoping to have a YA YA initiation on the beach for any of the ladies who were interested in joining the Traveling YaYa Sisterhood.  I brought along the supplies needed to initiate 4 ladies at a time.  For more than 4 we'll need to gather up some other supplies.  It'll be fun.  If we can't build a fire on the beach we'll just have to
improvise with candles or lanterns.