I packed my Gypsy Boho
And hit that highway
With every ounce of courage
Right out of nowhere
I never saw coming
I hear the different drumming

I opened my heart
That changed everything
I'm going somewhere
Not sure how to do it
All I need to know
Is that I'm free to go

A summer night
Soft smell of sea shore
Dancing on the beach
Fires in the distance
It's dark, yet I can see
I'm home wherever I choose to be

The beach... makes pointless a rush to somewhere else
and creates an overwhelming suspicion
that there is nowhere else.
But I must continue my mission.
So it’s further on down the road
Rolling in my humble abode.

Some people got a lot to prove
And that's the way I used to be
Now I'm just an old hippie
With a half a dozen useless degrees
Some choices hold you down
Some chances set you free

You open your heart
Let go of everything
And so you dream
And the way will be clear
Leap without a net
See what's there

It isn't about finding oneself by leaving,
It's about finding oneself by living.
I began in January of 2011,
and thus began the memorable, final,
and greatest adventure of all my wild days.


  1. I too began in Jan 2011
    Am inspired by your journey
    for me for now it is
    living...loving...leaving...being myself in it all......yvonne

  2. Hi Yvonne... just found your post. Wishing you well on your journey.