Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today I went to Berryland and Camping World in Hammond. Picked up my water intake door at Berryland (for $56.00) then drove to Dixie RV and Camping World a few miles away. My friend Pat made the trip with me and we both enjoyed looking at RVs and shopping in the store. I bought a few items I needed like fuses, refridgerator bars, caulking, 50 amp adapter, and tire valve extensions. Also spoke to a sales rep who wanted to know why I purchased my motorhome in Florida. I told her the whole story and she said she would help me in any way that she could to help me get some of my many questions about the coach answered. She also showed me a 2009 Coachmen Freedom Elite for $49,000. It had lots of things that I liked that my coach does not have. But at this point in time I'm not willing to do a trade in. I've put so much money into my coach that it is now worth (to me) about $60,000. However, I will always regret buying in Florida and not waiting till I could find what I wanted here locally.

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