Friday, September 23, 2011


Finally got "the" call from the realtor and a date has been set for the closing on my camp on Grand Isle.  Next Thursday at 4:00 in New Orleans I will be getting rid of the property I have owned for the last 5 years.  It has taken about 6 months for this buyer to get her act together in order to set a closing date.  So now it's going to happen.   YEAH!!!!

I had some good times at that camp during the first few years.  I really enjoyed fixing it up... decorating it and making it my own.  Did a lot of art work, ate a lot of seafood, and enjoyed the beach tremendously.  But the last few years were filled with bad times that I would like to forget.

Now I can see a little clearer the path that I want to take for my future years.  The purchase of my motorhome may have been a bit premature, however, I can now clear up some of my debt and move on with a clean slate.  I don't want to owe anything and now I won't.

My upcoming trip to Texas is on and am looking forward to parking on beaches in the RV and sitting by the water's edge with my little furry kid and staying gone for an extended period of time.  Can't wait.  I have 38 days left before my departure.

Haven't been to Texas in many years and am looking forward to it.  I was born in east Texas but my family moved to Louisiana when I was a baby.  I went back to live there in my 20s for a short period of time.  I plan on visiting all of my old haunts and maybe might find an old friend or two.

If we were allowed to park on the beach here in Louisiana on our coast I probably would never leave.  But that tradition was ended some years back, however, I do have memories of camping out on the water's edge and the joy it gave me to sleep so near the ocean and let the waves lull me to sleep.  Building a fire at night and looking down the beach at all the other fires burning in a row for as far as you could see.  I want that again. 

These are the photos that have inspired me for the last year while waiting for my property to sell.  They were all taken on the Texas Gulf Coast.


  1. Those pictures look great, have seen that rv park b4 on someone's blog!! I will get there yet, just may take a little time again, to 'get caught up' When i went thru there last and of January, it was way too cold!! It was a weird year so i have heard. Have a great time..

  2. Well, that's great news! Being debt-free means you are really free. I know you are excited!

  3. Hi Loree...Where did you stay when you were there last January?

    Hi Kim... Yes, I do feel really free. I was debt free before the purchase of the motorhome and swore I would never go there again. But I just couldn't wait to get an RV so went out and did it.

  4. Good News! I didn't want to wait and financed my RV, also. When my house sells I can pay it off, too.

  5. Hi Teri... Yes I remember you telling me that some time back. It will be so great when you sell your house and move on. I hope it doesn't take too long for a good offer to be made to you. I took a BIG loss on my property but didn't want to wait any longer for the housing market to change. I have been trying to sell it for almost 2 years.

  6. Outstanding! Doing the Snoopy dance!!! ;););)

  7. Hi Carolyn... LOL I did the same thing when I got the call.