Monday, February 13, 2012


Before we left our campground for Tickfaw State Park we took one last walk near the river.  Xi Shi met 2 other doggies - one male and one female - who were already there.   Friendly folks from Florida.

The little male dog was so enamoured with her that he did not want to leave.  So we all watched them interact and were laughing out loud most of the time.  That little male did everything he could to mount Xi Shi.  He sniffed and pranced and stood in front of her with his butt facing her as if to say, "Hey, look what I've got." 

I finally asked, "Is he fixed?" 

And the lady replied, "No." 

Well, no wonder he was acting the way he was.  Little Xi Shi just sat there, making sure her butt was on the ground, while he did his courting dance.  A couple of times she snapped at him and let him know that she wanted no part of any hanky panky.  I tried to get some photos but I was laughing so hard that I missed the really good shots.  We finally had to drag them away from each other and go on our seperate ways.

A couple of last shots of the river.  I really like it here.  I'll probably regret not staying a few more days.


Got to Tickfaw State Park around 2:00pm and was disappointed even before I entered the park.  The 7 miles of roadway leading up to the park is horrible.  Everything inside the coach was rattling and I had to slow down to a crawl.  That road alone will prevent me from returning to this park.

Then I got to the gate and the attendant had an attitude.  Not sure if she was having a bad day or what but was not pleasant or helpful at all.  I was informed right off that there are no campsites near water.  OK... what do you have?  She would not tell me until I told her how many nights I planned on staying.  I told her that depended on how nice my site was.  So we went round and round.  Finally I requested a few sites that I had made note of and only one was available so I took it for one night.

Got to my site and hooked up and took the dog for a walk and right next to my site is the path to the fishing pond.  Damn!  There are sites near water!

Took this photo of my coach while standing in the path to the fishing pond.

I walked around the grounds and found my favorite site which is next to where I am.  I like site #12 and I'm in #13.  Site 12 is right in front of the path to the fishing pond.

The bath house.

There is lots of space between sites.

It started to rain so tomorrow I'll walk to the river or maybe I'd better take my bike.  It could be rather far away by the looks of the map.

No TV reception at all here for my external antennae.  So I'll be watching a movie and having some popcorn.

It hasn't been a bad day.  At least I didn't hit any trees ;-)


  1. I am so glad you are ranking these will give me something to go on when I roam around next winter.

  2. Hi Chris... This is turning into a mission trip, to say the least. I'm only staying a day or two in each park so can't really enjoy all there is to offer but I have to get home to get ready for "The Trip" that I'll be taking for 3 months. Today I leave for my furtherest point then I head towards home. Glad this will be of help to you. I can tell you this... I will be returning to Fairview-Riverside State Park for a week or so. I love being able to park so near the river. I may move it up on my rating list.