Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We have seen the sun pop out a couple of times today.  Didn't look like rain so we took a very long walk this morning.  We walked around Loop A, B, C, and D in South Landing Campground and looked at 108 campsites. 

Xi Shi taking a break.

While in Loop A, I noticed a couple of fallen trees and thought, "What if?"  What if there were a camper in that site?  And what if the wind were blowing the other way?  Not good.

Xi was exhausted when we got back to our campsite.

Bunny Kitty loves her dash.

Caiche prefers the screen door views.

My phone rang today.  That's a rare occurence when I'm RVing.  It was my friend Pat who said he just wanted to check on me to see how I was doing and if all was going well.  He said he felt that something made him feel that I might be having problems.   I told him about my water leak coming through an electrical outlet. 


"It's OK now that it's stopped raining."

He then proceeded to tell me how to fix it once the sun dries the rooftop.  I assurred him that I would.  He teased me with how nice the weather is on Grand Isle today.  I told him I was looking forward to staying a month at the beach when I get back home... at the end of May. 


"Yes, that is a long time."

It's nice to know that someone is thinking of you and your well being.  Thanks Pat, you're a good friend.

Peace Rock number 19.

We're leaving tomorrow.


  1. Love reading about your travels. Thank you for keeping a travelogue about the awesome Louisiana campgrounds!

    1. Hi Jool... Glad you stopped by. I'm having fun doing the travelogue and rating the campgrounds. Tomorrow I'll be visiting a National Forest. Can't wait.

  2. Don't worry about what if! There are many things beyond out control. If you want to be out camping, especially in state parks, there are gonna be lots of trees around. My neighbor in Illinois, cut down all of the trees around her house because she was afraid they would fall. Ugh! took away a lot of my shade.

    1. Hi Teri... I'm actually glad that there are lots of trees around our campgrounds. We need all the shade we can get here in south Louisiana. Not intimidated at all by them. However, seeing downed trees a few feet from several campground sites is a bit much.

      Your story about the neighbor cutting her trees reminds me of what my mom did years ago. During a storm a limb feel off of her giant live oak onto a neighbor's roof and caused damage. She was so upset that she had the tree cut down. I was shocked when I found out. Thinking back now I can understand how she felt but at the time I couldn't. Poor Mom.