Monday, April 30, 2012


We took a walk to Shih Tzu Beach this afternoon for the last time this season.  Too hot during the summer to really enjoy the island.  We'll be back in October or November. 

On our way we were stopped by a park ranger who asked, "Where are you going with the dog?"

"Off the state park on the other side of the tent sites," I replied.

"Well, you have to cross the park to get there."

"Yes, I know but was told as long as I carried her it was OK."

"Who told you that?"


"Nick?  When was that?"

"Yes, Nick told me that just before he left on Monday."

"Are you aware that there is a law against pets on any part of the beach on the island?  They just don't enforce it."

I wanted to reply that they don't enforce it because it would hurt tourism and also because people live on the beach and of course their dogs run and play behind their houses.

He was at a loss for words because it was his boss that gave me the OK so as I continued to walk away I said, "If anyone complains just say that I was off the park with my dog."

We continued on to the far side of the moon which is about a half mile away and once there I let Xi run and play and splash in the water then we sat for awhile on our beach chairs.  I said my goodbys to the ocean... for a few months anyway... then we started our trek back to camp.

I was paid up for another night but decided to return home.  Didn't like the feeling I got from my encounter with the park ranger.  I know that he will make his feelings known to the manager and I may eventually be told I can no longer carry my pet across the park beach.  I'm giving a lot of thought to finding another place to stay.

Placed a Peace Rock and loaded up and left.

On our way off the island we stopped at the end near the bridge where the marina is and a large parking area for beach access.  I inquired within the marina if I could park my RV in the lot while enjoying the beach and was told yes, however, just for the day.  Any overnight RV parking would have to be for a fee in a park.

That's the marina on the left.  We're standing on the levee crossover facing the bridge leaving the island.

Right next to this beach access is the RV park belonging to the marina.  It's $40 a night but I like the location.

That camper in the center has the best location and beach access in the park.  It's only a few steps to the beach.  However, the guest has rented it for the whole summer.  This park gets the same customers every year.  I imagine it would be hard to get any of the prime sites as they are reserved year round.

It's a really nice part of the island.

There is always a lot of activity going on with fishing rodeos, live bands, a place to eat, a lounge for drinking, a gift shop, and live or boiled seafood.  Along side of the marina is a large, lighted, fishing pier that goes out into the bay.  I would have lots to do for entertainment if I could get used to the cost which is really too high for my budget.  I'll have to give it a lot of thought.


  1. Maybe split your visit between the two places as a way of making it fit your budget. First visit the park and then finish with a bang at the marina.

    1. Hi Joel... I gave that idea some thought and it could work for a short visit. However, recently I had been planning a longer visit - like maybe a month - to see how I might like it. I can afford a month at the state park but not anywhere else. I'm sure there is a winter (off season) rate for the Marina RV Park but it will still be expensive.

      I can park for free at Pat's house and cross over to the beach on my electric bike with my little doggie but I don't think I should impose on him for a month at a time. Once I have my awning out and all of my stuff, it is too much trouble to load it all back in and move for a couple of days. I want to stay put for a while and feel like I'm living there, if you know what I mean.

      I could buy a lot on the island to park my RV when I'm there but I would be spending most of Monty's inheritance ;-)

      I'll figure something out. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Geez, why can't there be a perfect solution, why must there always be a glitch or trade off somewhere? That ranger was being a poop, what could it possibly hurt to CARRY the dog for cripes sake?? Her little feet were not touching the sand!

    1. Hi Loree... I agree. What harm can it do? I understand that they have to enforce their policies but maybe their policies need rethinking.

      I would like to suggest that they cut a doggie path to that section of the beach where I take Xi (which is off the state park) and allow campers to use it as a doggie run. There is a section of brush, grass, and trees near the bath house that is unkept. A trail could be cut through and end at the boundary of the park beach and the town beach. Dog owners could then walk this trail, cross over the levee, and access the town beach. Problem solved. Oh... but wait... that is too simple a solution, so you know it will never happen. So sad.

      Glad you stopped by.

  3. Hey girl, I'm hoping for the best for you during Hurricane Isaac. Please check in to let us know you are ok!!

    1. Hi Cyn,

      I'm doing OK here in Houma. All of my neighbors are staying in their homes and did not evacuate. We are looking after each other.

      The winds are just starting to pick up here and things are flying off my top deck. Got that all secured and will keep my eye out for anything that breaks loose. I have so many little items like yard art on my fence that I have not taken down yet.

      One of my biggest concerns is my upstairs deck awning. It is flapping so hard that I'm sure I will lose it which is a big expense to replace. Another concern is rising water coming into my townhouse. My back room flooded 2 weeks ago when we had that huge rainfall of 6 inches in 2 hours. I bailed water for hours so it wouldn't come into the main part of the house. I had to pull up rugs and hang them on the fence for them to dry. It took a week for them to dry out. That just might happen again.

      I am thankful that I have the RV to use when our electricity goes out... which it will. I have a generator for the house but it needs carburetor work so can't use it. I have all the necessary things for hunkering down for the storm... lots of ice, food, batteries, etc.

      It looks like the hurricane is going to hit Grand Isle which breaks my heart. They have been through so much and now here we go again. My friend Pat who lives on the island has evacuated and moved all of his vehicles off the island. Took him all day yesterday but he is relocated and safe. I sure am glad I no longer own a home on the island. I went through 2 hurricanes while I owned my island home and lost so much. It's much more enjoyable to visit in my motorhome when I want to go to the beach. No worries that way.

      Thanks for the concern, I'm sure we'll all be fine.

      Gypsy Boho

  4. That is why I don't have a dog just yet. I have been looking around wherever I am and there are many signs of no dogs allowed. There are some parks that allow dogs and ask for the owner to be in control of their pet and to clean up after them.

    Good for you to not let him stop you. Plus, if his boss said it's okay then it's okay. I think many travel with dogs so banning them from public areas seems to not be good for tourism like you said.

    1. Hi Van Dweller... I love traveling with my pets. It seems less lonely while on the road. So far, everywhere I've been in my RV has had "No Pets On Beach" signs. My dog loves the beach and loves to go swimming. It really ticks me off when I see those signs. I have found a few places where we can go and play on the beach together - so that's good. I'll keep looking for more places and meanwhile enjoy the ones I have found.

      Thanks for stopping by.