Friday, November 30, 2012


Left home this morning at 10:00 and arrived in Holly Beach about 3:30 this afternoon.  I listened to my GPS and wound up taking the parish highway along the coast instead of staying on the interstate up to Lake Charles and then heading south.  It wasn't that bad but it took longer.  There is also a ferry I had to cross which I don't like to do.  I wouldn't take that route again.

Didn't have much daylight left when I finally got here and it was overcast as well.  It's not supposed to rain till Tuesday so I thought it would be sunny.  Tomorrow's forecast is sunny and temps in the high 70s... perfect for the beach.

I like Holly Beach.  It's alot like Grand Isle with its colorful beach houses and great views of the Gulf.  I drove down a street called Lafitte Blvd (how ironic) which led straight to the beach.  Parking on the beach is allowed - which is why I'm here.  No permit needed.

I was worried that there might be some soft sand but it looked fine and I picked a spot near the entrance and parked facing the Gulf. 

First thing was to take Xi Shi for a walk.  She had been sitting in her co-pilot chair for 5 hours and was really ready for her harness.  She was excited as usual to see the beach and ran around and found a spot to potty.  We walked for a time then went back to the RV to have a bite to eat.  I was really hungry.

On our way back to the RV I noticed a pickup truck drive up to my coach and 7 men got out and started walking around the beach.  I was feeling fine until then.  There was no other vehicle around for miles but they parked next to me.  I walked past them and entered the coach and watched them from my window.  A few minutes later they left.  The license plate was from Oklahoma.

There are some lights in a house behind where I am parked so I think there are people there.  Most houses are summer homes and closed up for the winter so it's really isolated here.

I planned on staying 2 nights but may change my mind.  I'll see how the night goes.

This is a perfect place for me to come to in the summer.  It is a long drive just to be able to sleep near the water's edge but maybe just once or twice next summer might be enough.



  1. are on the road! I love your camp spot, but share your wariness about being TOO all alone.

    1. Hi Chris... Yes I finally departed a day earlier than scheduled - which is good. Holly Beach is nice for a free beach that has been devastated time and again by hurricanes. The debris that is on the beach appears to be what has washed in from offshore and not left by visitors.

      As for being TOO alone, yes I felt that way last night. This morning, when the sun came up and people started to ride up and down the beach I felt so much better. I would like to see other RVs camping along the beach but there is no one. Today, there are a few cars with people fishing and beach combing and they are a good distance from me but I feel not so alone.

      What threw me into "hyper awareness" mode was when that truck pulled in next to me and 7 men piled out and there was no one else around. However, it appears that it was a harmless act as I have not seen them again. There also appears to be more folks in their camps than I thought - as I saw many lit up houses last night. This also makes me fell better.

      I am enjoying the beach and just love being so close to the shore and the breaking waves. I'm going to stay another night.

  2. I hate it when people do that. It seems that no matter where I park, there's always someone that has to park right beside me. Makes it uncomfortable though as they kind of invaded your space. They probably didn't stop to think about it. Maybe it's because we like real estate around us & most folks don't seem to recognize that as they aren't RVers?