Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Just returned from the Vet to have Cha Bu looked at and given whatever she needed.  She was well behaved and a brave little girl while getting some shots.  She weighed in at 11 pounds.

She was given a Heartworm test and is negative.  She received her 6 month Heartworm injection, was Microchipped, had her nails clipped, and was treated for her eye ulcer with Neopolydex Ointment which I will apply twice a day. 

I should see some improvement within a week.  The Vet said that it will reduce the size of the white ulcer on her eye but that there would probably remain a small white spot.  That's OK as long as she can see out of that eye.

About two months ago, another dog scratched her eye and it formed an ulcer and became infected.  It was treated for awhile and then left alone.   So now we are going to see if it will improve with this medication.  I sure hope so.

So now she is good to go till her next visit in 6 months.

She really thought this cat was real.

It's red sweater day.

This sweater is a medium and one that Xi Shi can no longer fit into.  It's a little big for Cha Bu but will do for now.

This is Xi Shi's chair where she sits next to me while I'm on the computer.  I encouraged her to share her spot and this is what happened.

They were both so tired after their long walk that no one complained about such close quarters.

When Cha Bu first got here and I gave her a toy she did not know what to do with it.  If I threw it and told her to go get it she didn't understand.  Well, last night I tried to get Xi Shi to play fetch - which we do every night before bedtime - but she wouldn't do it because of the new doggie.  So to my surprise the new doggie fetched and brought it back to me just like Xi Shi does.  I was so surprised.   I think she will be easy to train.  She shows lots of potential.


  1. OH my how sweet...they look like twins..and got a chuckle with the red swaters...have a great day...
    donna and maggie

    1. Hi Donna... Yes, they do look like twins. They are both Lavender Shih Tzus - which means that they have a lavender nose and lips and light colored hair. This makes them look so much alike. Xi Shi has amber eyes with blue around the edges but Cha Bu's eyes are light brown. Hope you and Maggie are doing well.

  2. Oh, they are so cute. And nice they get along together.

    1. Hi Teri... Thanks. I think they will soon become best friends. The little one follows Xi Shi around and lets her be the leader. She's learning alot about how to act on our walks from Xi. It's so much fun watching her learn new things and her look of wonder at everything she has never seen before. She's only known a breeder's life in a small yard. Now she will be walking into different neighborhoods, trying new foods, going to the beach, walking in the Gulf, and traveling in a motorhome. Can't wait to see how she acts in the RV. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the new year.

  3. Awes They are so cute together. That's pretty snuggly for brand new buddies. Looks like a really good start.

    1. Hi Mary... Yes, I think we are off to a good start. She really likes Xi Shi and tries to kiss her and play with her often. She clings to me and is by my feet wherever I go. I have to be careful not to step on her. She is so precious. Best wishes to you for the new year.