Thursday, February 28, 2013


When I prepared for my trip to the Texas Gulf Coast in December, I purchased several books which I did not read.  So I brought them along on this trip to the beach.  I enjoy waking in the morning and staying in bed with the dogs to have play time and then make a cup of coffee and go back to bed to read.  I prop up my pillows and have this great picture window view from my bed.

 I love mornings in my motorhome.

Found this great little plastic bed tray at Michaels and it's perfect for a book and cup of coffee.

Walked the dogs after breakfast then headed out on the bike to the beach.  Kept the dogs on leash this time.  Rode about a mile up the beach and then walked them up to the levee and found a dirt road that leads back to the maintenance building of the park.  We returned to the bike and rode back to the campsite and I lounged on the sofa and read some more.  It was a very lazy day for us.  This afternoon I sat outside for awhile but it was too windy and cold so stayed in the rest of the day.  

Met my new neighbor who is camping in a beautiful Pleasure Way van.  We talked about his unpleasant experiences with Road Treks and how he prefers the Pleasure Way Vans.  I told him that I had been planning to trade my Coachmen in on a Pleasure Way and he cautioned me on the lack of space in the Class B vans.  Once he saw my basement and all the stuff I have stored in there he told me I'd really miss that if I got a Class B.   I know he's right about that and I have been having second thoughts about the trade in.  I'll just wait a couple of more years before I decide to do that.  I really enjoy the space I have in this RV and know it would be hard to downsize.

Collapsed my awning this afternoon as the wind will be picking up for the next couple of days.  Had to have help as the latch got stuck and it became a two person job.  So my friendly neighbor came over to help me.  Thanks Ken.

Going to watch some DVDs tonight and play fetch with my little Tzus.


  1. I hate it when I get my awning stuck. It does become a 2 person job at that point. Glad there was someone around to help you. I like your electric bike too.

    1. Hi Cyn... I think if I oil the latch it will be fine. The electric bike is a lot of fun.