Monday, May 27, 2013


Yesterday was a restful day as I did not do anything, not even blog.  Feeling really exhausted from loading and unloading all of those boxes of crafts and getting up early and not eating right - just feeling lousy.

This morning I slowed the pace down a bit and took my time packing up and getting ready to go to the State Park for a week.   Spent some time with Pat on his outdoor kitchen deck.  He has lots of my artwork all over his property, especially on his deck.  

Those pelicans were a gift from me.

He bought one of my favorite serving trays at the garage sale and put in near his stove.

That is a retablo of a mermaid I made especially for him.

The cups on the table were a gift from me.

The bar was a gift from me.  I made the wooden fish up near the roof as well as painted the mermaids on his ceiling fan blades.

Took a ride with him in his 4 wheeler and checked out some of the crossover areas of the beach for future reference.

Walked on the beach a bit.

Stopped to talk to ladies walking their dog.  A cute little long haired Chihuahua.

Beach memorial to the men who died during the oil spill.

 Left Pat's house around noon and drove to the dock to purchase some shrimp for boiling. Got set up at the campground and took the bike out to the beach for a run.  Found a picnic table at the far end of the beach and laid down for awhile in the sun.  It felt great.  

There are a lot of folks leaving the park after a long holiday weekend.  However, it is still more crowded than it is in the winter time when I'm usually here. 

 I could not get my usual spot #29 and am in #2 which is right across the street and I'm pleased with it. 

Later I rode the little doggies around the campground in their doggie cart... then took them for a long walk.  They were so glad to be out and about.  I had been keeping them inside because of all the burrs they pick up  in the grass at Pat's house.  There are not so many here at the park so we'll do a lot more walking this week.

Xi Shi looking out of the living room window.

Boiled shrimp for supper then was ready for a shower.  Just as I got my head wet the shower hose broke at the faucet.  Just split into.  Water was flying up into the air like a water fountain.  I let it run and finished my shower.  Tried to tape it with duct tape but it does not hold it together very well.  Guess I'll have to buy a new shower hose when I get back home.  I still have the outside shower that I can use if need be.

It's pretty windy tonight and my awning is flapping loudly.  Hoping it calms down later tonight.  Really tired.  Going to bed early.


  1. Just love a cozy patio. And of course your art makes it even more so.

    1. HI JO... Yes, Pat's outdoor kitchen is a favorite hangout for many of his friends. There are lots of shade trees and it's always cool with a breeze.

  2. Love your art work. Now there is one pooch that wants to be outdoors.

    1. Hi Nan... My little doggies love the beach and want to go out often.

  3. Miss, miss Grand Isle. Love your artwork. Please have some extra boiled shrimp for us!! We are back up in British Columbia and exploring the interior. Just beautiful scenery. Sure you would love it here. Congrats on the garage sale. If you need to replace your shower head, check out the oxygenics. Feels like your shower at home. Take care, Melissa

  4. glad to see got to the beach once again, your art
    I miss my beaches...donna

    1. Hi Donna... Yes, this will probably be my last visit to the beach for the summer. I'll probably wait till September before I return. When are you coming back south to Florida?