Thursday, June 20, 2013


I rode the shuttle to the casino around noon today.  Was taken to the side door of the casino.  I walked around a bit.  Noticed where the buffet was located.  Played the quarter machines for awhile.

 Then tried the dollar machine - only once.  

Found a nickle machine and enjoyed that for awhile.  Then played the penny machine and won about $15.00 which I put back in but enjoyed myself.

Went to the buffet and had a small slice of pizza and some Bar-B-Que ribs.  Topped it all off with a small slice of chocolate cake.  All were not items on my diet but I convinced myself this was a one time thing so what the heck.

Walked around the casino some more and located the spa.  Took one of their brochures and said I'd be back.  I had planned on having a massage but just couldn't handle paying the price so maybe next time.

Peeked into the spa pool area - very nice.  Website photo.

Checked out the movie theater but nothing I wanted to see.

The atrium is really nice and reflects the area nicely.  Life-like looking alligators sunning in a pool... cypress trees and stumps with fish swimming around.

Played a little more on the slots - even tried the poker machine - then took the shuttle back to the RV via the golf course... a nice scenic tour.

 Back at the RV my little Tzus were so glad to see me.  Took them for a walk and now they are napping.

The A/C in the RV is constantly running and has not kicked off yet today.  It is some hot.  Guess I'll head for home tomorrow.


  1. Glad you made it out and about again
    I am still in PA ..working on and in my
    house...will be so glad when its done and I can play :)

    1. Hi Grammy... I just got home and finished unpacking the RV. Had a pretty good time even though it was a short trip. It's just too hot for me to enjoy doing anything during the summer months. Looking forward to winter... but have a long way to go ;-)

      Good luck to you with the sale of your house. I hope it's soon.