Sunday, December 22, 2013


This has been one hectic week for me.  Long driving days and lots of anxiety about the trade-in has taken its toll on my health and all my medical conditions are out of whack.  Now that I'm back home I am more relaxed and feeling a little better.  Stress is a killer.  In fact, it could have been a disaster if I had arrived on Thursday as planned instead of Wednesday a day early.

As I was signing the paper work inside the office I noticed there was a couple inside my Pleasure Way.  I joked with Nick and said they had better get out of my RV.  We both laughed and a little later the couple walked into the office and the sales person told us that they wanted to buy it.  Nick told him to inform them that it was sold.  As the couple was leaving they spoke to me and wished me well with my purchase.  They had driven down from New York.  I sure hope they find something that they like as much as I like my Pleasure Way.  I'm going to miss my Class C motorhome but this move to a van was the best choice for me to make... all considered.

My experience at Sunshine State RV in Gainesville was pleasant.  There was friendly and helpful staff and a very nice inventory of motorhomes.  Nick gave me a fair deal and although I lost a great deal of money on my trade-in I do understand that my Class C Coachmen motorhome does depreciate dramatically every year.  So even though it is only 5 years old and I've had it for only 3 years of that, it averaged $10,000 a year depreciation from the price I paid for it.  That's a big loss for someone on my tight budget.  Oh well, you live and learn.

This Class B Pleasure Way is the last vehicle I will ever purchase.  It will have to last me to the end of my days because I don't plan on getting any other vehicle.  I'm glad that my last vehicle is the one I dreamed of for so many years.  This camper van represents the fulfillment of a young hippie girl's desire for a van to travel the country in.  I've waited a long time for her and traveled a crooked road to get to this point - but it has finally happened... and I am happy.

It took hours for me to move all of my stuff from the Class C into the Class B.  There simply was just not enough room so we just stacked all the bags onto the twin beds and I took off back to the campground.  When I got settled in I started to clear off one of the beds for me to sleep in for the night.  I stacked everything at the entrance to the van and on the other bed and the next morning put it all back on my bed.  I had emptied out the basement before leaving home so that was a good thing.

I stayed at Meaher State Park in Spanish Fort, Alabama my first night and my last night of the trip.  Stayed in site 19 and 21 both near the water.  Torreya State Park was nice but far from the Interstate.  Oleno State Park was close to the Interstate and I enjoyed my stay there for two nights.  Also stopped at Beaver Lake Campground for a night.  It's just a large grassy area with full hookups but very close to the Interstate.  There were only 3 campers there with me.

Meaher State Park 

Torreya State Park

Peace Rock

O'Leno State Park

O'Leno State Park
Peace Rock #45 - the last one I'll ever place
The Gypsy Boho Freedom Express is no more.


Momi YaYa's Cajun Pleasure

Meaher State Park - return trip

O'Leno State Park - return trip

Meaher State Park - return trip

My babies were so confused by all this change in their lives.  They'd just sit on the floor and stare at me.  They weren't comfortable enough to take their naps and stayed awake alot.

This is what it looked like when we arrived at the campground the night of the purchase.

Finally cleared off one bed and stacked all on the other bed.

Also stacked some stuff by the entrance door.

Strangely enough, all of my bathroom stuff fit into the bathroom.  

I just love my little bathroom.

We were even able to use our electric fireplace.

After deciding to just throw a lot of stuff away, I was able to clear a bed for the Shih Tzus.  
Poor little babies.  They look so confused.

They did enjoy the yard at Meaher Park.

Now for one last chapter in this saga.  When I got home I went upstairs and walked out on my balcony and looked at the roof of the van.  To my surprise there was a tool that had been left there by the workers at the lot.  It stayed in that one spot all the way from Florida to Louisiana.  I got my ladder out and climbed up and used a broom to sweep it off the roof.  However, there is now a discolored rust spot where it had been.  I scrubbed it with a brush but it didn't come off.  I will probably just paint over it. 

You can see where it had moved a bit off of the rust spot during the trip.

I can get the whole front end under my deck which is 8 feet high and the van is 9 feet high.  I may eventually get a carport installed.

I woke at 7:00 this morning and did not stop till dark.  However, I finished everything I wanted to do inside and out of the van.

These are some photos taken after I was able to empty out all of the stuff I don't need.  

My bed will remain dedicated and the sofa or doggie bed will remain with the back rest on it.

There is our little fireplace which fits nicely and gives me a place for my computer by the lamp. 

The TV swivels out.  The two front chairs also swivel around.

The dealer threw in a van cover with the deal.  Thanks Nick.

I'll be building another blog for my travels in the camper van and will link it to this one.

Right now I just want to rest.


Gas................................$381.26     -     $239.77 in Class C     -     $141.49 in Class B
Food..............................$  24.40


  1. I love it...and cant wait for your new adventure...
    that is just what I have wanted....but some how
    ended up with this Class C...maybe some day...
    at least I can dream...donna

    1. Hi Donna, Your story sounds like mine. I truly wish I had gone with a Class B to start with. Keep dreaming and planning. I looked at this Pleasure Way for over a year and gave it a lot of thought.

  2. Very nice, and I'm sure you're going to have a lot of great adventures in the Cajun Pleasure. You must be totally pooped, and the dogs, too. It will be easier to drive, park and "stealth camp" if you want to in a Class B as opposed to our Class C rigs. Sometimes I think that would be nice. I'm so glad you got there a day early and the other couple didn't buy it out from under you. That would have been so disappointing!

    Merry Christmas - you've gotten yourself a great Christmas present, for sure! :)

    1. Hi Barbara... Yes I am looking forward to more great adventures in this Pleasue Way. I'm hoping to go camping in a couple of weeks.

  3. Lots of shuffling, but in the end, you got it right. I can't believe you even got the heater to fit! The dogs will learn to settle in nicely. Are you coming to Port A for the big GTG? I'm heading out for Corpus Christi tomorrow,then will head up to Port A after Christmas. Congratulations & Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Cyn... No I won't be going to Port Aransas this year. Too much going on here so I just camp locally. Hope you have a nice time.

  4. Dang TexCyn.....I will just miss meeting you! We are leaving for Magnolia Beach on the 26th. And nice to see Me and My Dog again! And to you Linda, a great big Congratulations! It looks absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to see it in person, which I am sure I will one of these days. Glad everything turned out OK. I am surprised to learn those vans are 9' tall, my C is only 6" taller. Please tell me you aren't going to have that Mami Yo Yo sign painted on brought to mind a different take on the words "Pleasure Van" LOL. Plus it is a good thing not to publicize that a lone woman is traveling in this vehicle. Safety first. The dogs will soon adjust, they always do, but you are right.....they do indeed look totally confused. Any idea where you first camping trip will be?

    1. Hi Chris...It's Momi YaYa not Mami YoYo. It's a southern thing. A sisterhood - sort of like the Sisters on the Fly who are a large group of solo women who also identify themselves on their campers.

      My first camping trip will of course be to the beach at Grand Isle. I'm thinking about week after next. I still have to take care of some medical problems as well as get a few things done to the motorhome. I spent the whole day in and out of it yesterday and it's looking good. Not sure if I will be selling my Dodge conversion van or not. I'll have to wait and see how I feel about that.

      Are you and Andy both traveling to Florida when you leave Texas?

    2. Yes.....Florida is next on the agenda, probably Georgia too.

  5. What a beauty you found for yourself. Wishing you all the best and lots of great travel. I would love to have one too. It's amazing how much stuff we have in these RV's. Now all I have is the camper shell and try and fit all your needs into that! But I did it and after the holidays hope to get out and give it all a good try out.

    Happy Holidays and Happy Trails!

    1. Hi Jo...Yes it was a huge feat getting things to fit into the smaller Class B but I did it. However, all of the equipment I had stored in the Class C basement is not going to fit anywhere in the Class B. So I am thinking about a cargo carrier on a trailer hitch behind the rv. That will hold my folding bike and doggie cart and some folding chairs. I do not want to tow a small trailer but I would almost need to. Right now all of the stuff I had in the basement is in the back of my conversion van up to the ceiling. LOL!

  6. Glad you have found your dream RV! Last year we traded our large motorhome for 24 ft winnie view and are very happy with the change!