Monday, April 11, 2011


I realized this morning when I was unhooking the water hose from the intake compartment that it was not tightened all the way. So that's where my leak was coming from and not from the tank itself. What a relief!! Left the RV park and rode a couple of miles to Bucaneer State Park. Got to the entrance and there was no one there. I was going to ask questions but with no one on duty I just decided to go home. Rode by the casino and turned around in their parking lot without going inside. My friend Tina will yell at me for sure for not going inside to check it out. Got home today about 2:00pm. It's much easier coming home than it was going to Mississippi. It took me 3 hours to get to my destination and only about 2 hours to get back. Once home I washed off the coach and noticed that the bike rack had a part missing. The support for the right rear tire was gone and the tire was just resting on the rack. I checked all the knobs and they were all loose. So I'm guessing that it vibrated off and I just hope that it didn't fly into anyone's windshield. I took the bike down and don't think I will travel with it again. The dogs and cats were glad to be home. They are all sleeping now. Xi Shi Quan slept the whole way home in the front passenger seat. She is so laid back and just a joy to travel with. Chooky wears me out. Always pacing and making her little crying noises to let me know she is not happy. She peed on the bedroom rug as well as the rug in the kitchen. I had placed puppy pads down and almost covered the floor with them but she managed to miss the mark twice. Most of my time on a camping trip is spent tending to her. Really tired and ready for my big kingsize bed.

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