Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sitting here bored while waiting for the phone to ring and the realtor to tell me what day we are closing on my property.  The last 2 week extension is almost up and still no word from anyone.  How frustrating!
So here is a little humor about my people that might give you a chuckle. 
Artery - the study of paintings
Barium - what you do when CPR fails
Cesarean Section - a district in Rome
Colic - a sheep dog
Coma - a punctuation mark
Congenital - friendly
Dilate - to live longer
Fester - quicker
G.I. Series - baseball games between teams of soldiers
Hangnail - coat hook
Nitrate - lower than the day rate
Node - was aware of
Outpatient - a person who has fainted
Post-Operative - a letter carrier
Protein - in favor of young people
Tablet - a small table
Varicose Veins - veins which are very close together 


  1. Do you have any worries that your house sale might fall through?

  2. Jeana... I was worried till I saw the buyer's bank approval for their loan. Now I just can't understand why it would take another 2 weeks for them to close. The title company has already done the title search. Maybe the bank has to do their own. I just don't know anymore.

    I have even toyed with the idea to back out of the deal and try to get a better offer. I have signed 3 extensions and I don't think I am going to sign another one.