Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Finally got a call from the realtor today.  She informed me that the buyer has run into another road block.  It seems that her bank is now requesting that she apply again and this time her husband's name must be on the paperwork.  This will require another 2 week extension.  Well, guess what?  I refused to sign another extension.
The realtor then informed me that there is another interested party who will be a cash sale client and has said that he would offer more than the price agreed upon with the current buyer.  So once the current extension expires on Friday, this new person will make his offer and I will take it from there.
So this is good news and maybe for the best that the current buyer has had so many problems with the purchase.  Now I will get a little more money for the property which makes me very happy as I felt really cheated at the agreed upon price on the current deal.  A loss of $30,000 would make anyone feel cheated but I felt that the market was so bad that I had better take what I could get.  It's funny how your gut tells you what your brain won't.  I wanted to back out of this deal a long time ago and take my chances but I was afraid to do so.  Now I'm not.
Grand Isle, LA


  1. Well, crud. I was hoping your deal had closed. I hope the new guy steps up. Good luck!

  2. It sounds like maybe you weren't supposed to have a $30K loss and the opportunity has been presented to you to reverse that. How fortunate.

  3. Michael... thanks. I hope this time it's the reala deal.

    Jeana... I felt that I had made a mistake the minute I accepted that buyer's last offer. I wanted to back out of it this whole time. I used to tell my patients that "doubt means no" and I really doubted that this deal was in my best interest. I should heed my own advice ;-)

  4. Funny how things work out - I hope your new buyer works out and you close the deal soon. :)

  5. Barbara... thanks for the best wishes. My realtor just called and said that the old buyer now wants to make another counter offer against this new buyer. Will it never end???