Tuesday, July 12, 2011


  (also posted on the Ya Ya blog)
We now have 15 followers - 5 of which are new ones.  Thanks to you all for following along with us.  The pageviews have increased to 790 in just 3 days.  WOW!      YAYA!
Several ladies have reported that they have chosen their Ya Ya names and one has chosen her doll pattern and ordered it.  That's enthusiasm!  I have placed more examples of dolls on the MASCOT page.  Please feel free to submit any that you have found and I will post them.  Your doll doesn't have to be hand made.  It can be any doll that you can decorate to your own likes and will reflect the you that you want to portray or just a caricature of you.
As for the headdresses, you can make one with a bandana and attach various buttons with sayings that reflect your beliefs.  Or you can make one with an old cap and attach ornaments of some kind on it.  Anything that will be a reflection of who you are or who you want to be.  It doesn't have to be flowery or feathery with streamers  - those are the ones I like but it is not for everyone.  Just try and be creative.  We have about 4 months before the first Initiation Ceremony in Texas in November so that leaves plenty of time to do everything we need to do to get ready. 
Norma, Karen, and Di have chosen their Ya Ya names which are posted on the Ya Ya website and also on the "Ya Ya Names Chosen" page.  I'll be happy to generate a name for anyone wanting examples.  You can also choose one for yourself.  At Initiation Ceremony, we will make it all legal.  Until then, we can keep looking for the right one for us. 
In order to keep up with all of this activity, it would be helpful if any information about the Ya Ya Sisterhood would be posted as comments on this Ya Ya website by the interested ladies who are pursuing Ya Ya Sisterhood - as opposed to emails sent.  That will be a good way of keeping track of all activity.  I would appreciate the help.     Thanks.

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