Friday, August 5, 2011


A week ago I ordered a folding bike from Camping World.  I ordered it online as the price was almost $100 less than the store price and had $5.00 shipping.  I received an email confirmation that the transaction had gone through.

Today I decided to contact the website and inquire as to why I had not received any further emails notifying me of the status of my purchase.  I used Live Chat and the person informed me that there was no record of my purchase.  She told me to call Customer Service and place my order on the phone.

I called the number she gave me and the person apologized for any inconvience.  She took my information and explained that the transaction did not complete online - which sometimes happens.  So I placed my order once again.  The bike now sells for $194.00.  However, I was given the sale price that was in effect last week of $109 plus free shipping and no tax - so that was good.  

The order won't be placed till Monday and then shipping will take 5 to 7 business days.  I will receive the bike about 2 1/2 weeks after placing my initial order.  I hate to wait.

Yesterday I received the bicycle trailer that I ordered from Ebay at the same time that I ordered the bike.  It's really big.  Bigger than it looked in the photo.  It can hold up to 55 pounds - my dog weighs less than 20. 

I can't wait to attach it to the bike and ride down my street with my little doggie in tow.

It was real easy to put together and no tools were needed.  The wheels pop off and it folds down for storage.


  1. Glad you got that resolved... hate that kind of stuff. That's going to be sooooo cool! There are a couple of cyclists coming by my house with the little animal carrier.. so cute.

  2. I just posted photos with my dog inside to show how big it is.

  3. Carolyn... thanks for signing my guestbook.

  4. You're welcome ;) and how cute is that!

  5. Shih Tzu is really going to be riding in style.

  6. Joe... my friends say they want to come back as one of my pets ;-)

    I do indulge but they are my family.

  7. That carrier is such a great idea! Sorry about the glitch with the bike, good thing you followed up on it. :)