Friday, August 5, 2011


The key to time (like money) is not how much you have of it, but how well you spend it. These ideas have inspired me over the years to make the most of my day, one moment at a time. I’d like to share them with you.

Re-invent your day and your life with ideas like…
CALL a family member you rarely have contact with.

DONATE ten items from your closet to charity.

LEARN fifteen words in a new language.

GIVE yourself the gift of time everyday just to visualize, imagine, and daydream.

THINK about what your perfect day would be and then pretend that it is that way in reality.

QUIT beating yourself up emotionally. Each time you find yourself slipping into old habits - isolating yourself, making excuses not to make a change, procrastinating on a task that might help you advance in your reinventing yourself - don’t bother wondering why you’re doing it or beating yourself up.

MAINTAIN momentum. Just ask yourself this: "What can I do in this moment to keep moving forward?" Then, no matter what you feel in the moment - lonely, self-critical, tired, lazy, or disappointed - do something to keep moving forward, even if it’s one small thing.

FEEL the fear. There’s an old adage that says that true courage isn’t about not feeling fear; it’s about feeling fear and acting anyway. Choose courage instead of letting your fear choose your future for you.


  1. Okay, you made me kick my own butt. Good post and words to live by.

  2. Just saw this... was looking for information on your bike. I want one! and found this post. I've copied it and named it Gypsy's Words of Wisdom... Keeping it in TextEdit...

    good stuff

    Haven't been keeping up blog reading (waving at Michael) or posting for a week... got the creeping crud but it seems to be mellowing out... I'm alive I'm alive! ;)

  3. Carolyn... glad you're feeling better.