Thursday, August 25, 2011


Woke up early and had a nice walk on the beach before it got too hot.  Met my new neighbors who are from Quebec.   They were surprised when I started speaking French with them.  This is their set up.

Stayed inside the rest of the day till 5:30 when we went to the beach for a couple of hours.  Took the bike and trailer and this time I brought the camera.

There was no one on the beach so I let Xi Shi off leash again.  She had a blast.  I let her go as far as she wanted to see if she would come back to me on her own but this time I noticed something I hadn't before.  She can't see me.  Her vision may be bad and I seem to remember reading somewhere that this breed has eye problems.  So that's why she looks around for me and doesn't move until I clap my hands and call out to her.  Then the closer she gets she sees me.  I took some photos of her running to me.

Can you see her?  That little white spot down the beach.  I couldn't wait to see if she would come back on her own so I called her.

And she started to run.  I kept snapping shots as she ran towards me.

I zoomed in on these next shots.

She was so glad to reach me.

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.  The more people I meet the more I like my dog.

Going home tomorrow.



  1. I loved the shot with all four paws off the ground, she was really flying.

  2. Hey Joe... I love that one, too. I've never seen her run that fast before.

  3. What great shots, kind of like those shampoo ads where the woman is running with her hair flying! She looks like she is laughing - so cute! She is a beautiful dog.

  4. Barbara... thanks for the compliment. She is my joy.

  5. Really cute pics of the dog running to u,one looks like all 4 feet are off the ground!!!

  6. Hi Loree... I think there are 2 photos where all 4 paws are off the ground. Amazing! As I was taking the photos with the zoom I really couldn't see her very well. However, now I will be aware that I can capture that kind of a shot - and try for it.