Monday, August 22, 2011


Arrived at the Grand Isle State Park today around 1:00pm.  The campground is almost empty and I'm in my favorite spot #29.  Performed the usual tasks:  hooked up the electric and water, opened the awning, put down the ground rug, set up the table and chairs, opened the folding bike, filled the doggie pool, attached the windshield cover, and opened the slide out.  By that time I was soaked from sweat.  There is no breeze from the Gulf as usual which makes it very unpleasant.  So, I stayed inside to cool off.  The animals climbed into bed and we took a little nap. 

This evening I took the dog for a walk on the beach.  The Gulf is calm and looks like a lake.  No wonder there is no breeze.  I don't like it when it's not blowing.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more windy.

We were the only ones on the beach so I let Xi Shi Quan off leash and encouraged her to follow me on my walk along the water's edge.  She has her own mind and kept a distance between us but would come when called. 

We returned to the coach and I boiled the shrimp that I purchased at the dock this afternoon.  They turned out great.  Just enough seasoning.  Just had ice cream and put in a movie.... Don Juan DeMarco.  I love Johnny Depp and of course Brando.

Tomorrow I will set up Xi Shi's trailer to my bike and go for a ride around the campground.  Looking forward to that.


  1. Sorry you are in the doldrums with no breeze. But I bet you make some wicked good shrimp!

    And good for Xi Shi Quan for coming when called (even though she probably still thinks it's all her idea).

  2. I see that Xi Shi Quan has pretty much got you trained. Enjoy the beach.

  3. Kimbopolo... my shrimp has to be eaten with a box of tissue as your nose will run from the Cayenne pepper, LOL.

    Joe... boy are you right about that - Xi Shi has got me trained. There's no doubt that she is the Mistress of the house.