Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I realized on our last trip to the beach that our new red bike trailer was not going to be able to handle all of our stuff (beach chair, ice chest, camera case, snacks, towels, floats, etc.) and the dog as well - all the way to the water's edge.  The bike and the trailer are much too heavy to pull over the sand levee.  So, I ordered a new beach cart, just like the old one that broke last month.   It arrived today.  It has two added features that my old cart did not... a travel bag and umbrella holder. 

This is the old cart.
Had this one for 5 years and used it many times.  I like the new one better.

Got a call today from a Title Search Company for the prospective buyer of my property.  This is a different company than the last time which leads me to believe that this buyer really did go with another lending institution, as she claimed.  I answered all of their questions and they informed me that they would call me back in about a week with the closing date.  I hesitate to get too excited because I've been through this before but maybe this is the real deal.  We'll soon find out.


  1. Nice cart - that would be good around town, too - shopping, laundry, etc.

    Good luck on the sale - my fingers are crossed for you, too. :)

  2. I like the looks of that beach cart. What a handy thing to have.

    Here's hoping everything goes well for you on the closing.

  3. Donna... yes I just love this beach cart. Didn't know how much till I tried to get to the shore without it.

    Thanks for the good wishes on my closing date.

  4. I think that the umbrella holder will be a real positive with your new cart. Good luck on selling your house.