Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Broke camp about 11:30 this morning and checked out at the office.  My bill was $15 with my Senior Pass.  I would love to return to this park and stay about a week.  Maybe on the way home I can do that.  Some photos of Sam Houston Jones State Park.

There is lots of space between sites.

The boat launch in nice on the Calcasieu Lake.

Really nice Cypress Pond.  That's my coach in the background.

She really wanted to catch that goose.

Bridge over the Cypress Pond

Believe me, I had my eye out for gators.  They'd eat my little doggie in one gulp.


Got gas and headed out for Texas.  It's been about 10 years since I've been to Texas.  Was born in East Texas but left when an infant.  My father's family is spread out throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. 

Had an enjoyable drive all the way to Livingston.  My GPS, that I call Winny, never once made a mistake or mislead me in any way - for a change.
Arrived around 2:30 this afternoon and checked in.  I have a corner spot and a very nice gentleman neighbor in a Casita.  My spot is gravel but level.  Hooked up to electric and water.  There is also a sewer but don't like to hook up.  I'll use it to dump in a few days.  Walked the dog and took some photos then had a late lunch.

Lots of space between sites.

Lots of trees.

I've never seen so many beautiful dogs in one place before.  I really like this one little Pomeranian that walks by our site.  There was a Happy Hour at 4:00 today but I didn't attend.  Maybe tomorrow when I'm more rested.

The Boot Camp will be held at the Club House and doesn't start till Friday so I can chill and enjoy all the other activities offered here at the campground.  I'm not far from the Club House so that's nice.  This is a pretty large campground.  I'm not parked with the other Boot Camp folks which is pretty crowded.  I like my spot much better.  I'm parked next to full-timers in campers and full-timers who live here permanently.  The spaces between camp sites where I am is fairly large. 

There are lots of golf carts riding around as well as people on bicycles.  Similar to the last campground, there are lots of trees providing shade everywhere.  I like that.  I think this is going to be fun.

I have taken hundreds of photos but had trouble uploading to the blog last night.  I have better reception here so I'll try and post more later.

I'm feeling so light hearted tonight.  I guess it's because I'm relieved that I'm here and I know that I'm going to be stationary for 5 days and don't have to worry about traffic or stopping for gas or listening to Winny give directions.  It's time to relax and enjoy.  I'm having a nice glass of red wine and some peanuts and watching the sun set through the trees.  Yes, this is worth it. 

Tonight's supper is fresh green beans from home and fried sausage.  Tonight's movie is Hachi, A Dog's Tale.


  1. Welcome to Texas, if you get in the Kingsville area be sure and give me a holler. Meanwhile enjoy the boot camp.

  2. Glad to hear that all your hard work and planning were worth it!

  3. Joe... I sure will.

    Kim... yes, I think a lot of my apprehension is slowly fading away and joy is rising.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I am enjoying "traveling" with you.

  5. What a pleasant surprise to hear from you cousin. Is sys4 code for something???? Just kidding. Good to know you'll be along for the adventure.

  6. Again! my blog lied... just decided to click on your blog to see if you had posted... and you have!

    Great pictures .... welcome to Texas ;)

    yummmmm green beans and sausage

    relaxing post to read...