Saturday, November 12, 2011



Had a good night’s sleep Friday night in the campground at Oceanside RV Park. At 9:00 am, Chris (who is traveling down from Vermont) and her little poodle Sofie drove up and we had a nice visit. I checked out of the campground and we both went to the free beach across the street. Parked right next to the water and walked the beach.

She really liked this little male Shih Tzu and was making out with him under the truck.

Xi Shi met many other doggies and had a good walk. Tonight will be awesome as I’ll be able to hear the surf and let it lull me to sleep. And it’s all free. There are many big rigs parked here... some with solar panels. We saw one coach from Canada.

Chris encouraged me to learn how to use my Propane for the fridge so I could dry camp. I hope all goes well with that. It’s the first time I’ve ever used the Propane on the fridge. 
I walked out of the camper after dark to get something out of the basement and to my surprise there was the moon coming up over the water. There were some low lying clouds so it took a little while for it to peek through. Just enough time for me to get my Nikon D80, set it to night setting, and anchor it to my ladder on the back of the coach. No time to get the tripod set up. Then here it came... slowly... and lit up Madagordo Bay in a long slender streak. As it continued to rise it gave off a different glow on the water and brighter and brighter over our heads.

Chris was relaxing at the end of the pier with her little dog Sofie. I thought it would be a great shot if she sat in front of the light. So she did and I got some great shots. They could have been better if I had used the tripod but I’m happy with what I got.

We then set up our chairs and for the next hour we watched the moon glow over the Bay and listened to the waves breaking on the beach. It was great.

When I went to bed I opened my window and bundled up under the covers with my doggie and two cats by my side. It was cold but I enjoyed it.

So this is boondocking. I love it.

Slept well but woke at 5:30 this morning and waited for the sunrise. Got some photos of that as well.

We left Magnolia Beach around 10:00 and headed for Port Aransas. Stopped in Rockport at a thrift store and looked around. Chris bought a few things and I got a Beach sign.

We rode to IB Magee RV Park and when we exited out vehicles we were slammed with Red Tide. I started to choke and cough and had trouble breathing. Chris was coughing, too. We went into the office and inquired about the air quality and was told that it was bad. So we left and went to one other park but I didn’t like it so I followed Chris to her campground where she stays every winter - which is away from the beach. That’s where I am for a week. Corner lot with full hookups.  Got in about 4:00.

The beach looked great. The Gulf was rough and it was windy. There were people all over the beach enjoying themselves and we couldn’t understand how they could do it because we could hardly breathe.

Got set up at Tropical Island RV Park and walked the dog who had to potty really bad. Poor little thing. Once again, she wouldn’t walk and I knew immediately that it was those burrs stuck to her feet. So I picked them off of her and she pottied and when we got back to the coach I picked off a few more - even some on her face. I feel so bad for her. I don’t know how she is going to manage for a week. I’ll have to think of something.

Very tired as I got 5 hours of sleep last night so really want to hit the sack early tonight.


  1. You guys are in Port A now? Have you met up with Carolyn, that wild woman? I'm jonesing for the beach again, but I'm not resentful! Oh no, not at all.


  2. Hi Roxanne... Yes we are in Port Aransas. I think Chris is going out tonight to meet up with Carolyn and another woman. I won't be joining them as I feel pretty bad. Caughing alot from Red Tide and still sick from a lingering sore throat so not up to much but my bed. Hoping to meet up tomorrow with Carolyn if it can be arranged.

  3. Loved the moonlight pictures, very well done.

  4. What a perfect place to be!! I love the beach and the sand and got so jealous. Maybe next year we'll make it there .. maybe next year. Love the little kisses the dogs are giving each other too. So Cute!!

  5. Hi Joe... thanks for the compliment. I love them, too. I have tried for the last 5 years to get shots like that but even though I lived on an island I was never able to hit it just right. I keep a calendar of moon cycles and always circle when it's a full moon. I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw that moon coming up. I knew that this was the moment and I'd better make it good.

  6. Hi Wanderin... It was really nice at all beaches I have been to on this trip. My little doggie met so many canine friends on our walks but she really loved this little one and followed him around so she could get a kiss. Hate to say this but it makes me want to get another Shih Tzu for her to have a companion.

  7. I think I was parked next to Chris at a Texas RVW rally in Conroe 2 or maybe 3 years ago. I think we are on the same forum but don't think I have seen her post recently.

    Enjoy the beach.

    Abbeville, LA

  8. Hi Martha, Happy to hear from a fellow Louisianian.

    Hi Lorree, Glad you like the photos. I got lucky... didn't I?

  9. Have you thought of trying dog booties for your dog? I know some people that take their dogs hiking, and use the litte dog shoe/booties on the trail. Not sure if your dog would get used to wearing them, but it's a thought.