Monday, April 23, 2012


Spent the afternoon on the beach wrapped in a yellow towel after my swim.  Snuggled in my blue awning chair with my Coastal Living magazine.  I look over at Xi Shi who is sitting next to me in her brand new matching blue awning chair and I am a little cocoon of happiness. 

The stretch of sand is nearly empty.  I reach for my iPhone to see what time it is because who the heck knows what time it is down here?  The hot Louisiana sun is like a drug, making it hard to rouse oneself.  The island is prettier than ever... oh... wait... what is that new sign up ahead.  There's another one over by the pier.  NO DOGS ON BEACH.  What the hell...???

Then I woke up.

When I checked in today, I noticed the new, large, red signs posted everywhere.  I made my displeasure about this new rule known to all who would listen.  The park ranger told me to write to my representative and complain.  I said I would indeed.  The one place I could have fun in the sun and surf with my doggie and now that is no longer possible. 

I asked if my dog could still go on the fishing pier and the ranger said yes.  I joked with him and said, "If a dog falls off of the pier onto the beach and no one is there, is it breaking the rule?"  He laughed, "I can't advise you on what to do."  I continued with my joking and asked if the beach would be patroled during the week.  He replied, "No, but it will be on the weekend."  I smiled and he knew that I fully intended to take my dog on the beach.

This afternoon we walked to the new bath house which has a pier onto the beach.  Xi walked down the steps and onto the beach as she always has and I pulled her back up the steps.  She was confused but obeyed.  Tomorrow we'll go to the fishing pier which is further down the beach and a bit more secluded.  I'll let her go swimming there, if no one is close by.

Grand Isle State Park was the only state park that allowed dogs on the beach.  I'm not sure why they have decided to change their pet policy.  This island is 7 miles long and there are many places to take Xi swimming but I'll have to unhook and leave the park to do so.  I have looked into other RV parks along the beach but the cost is $40 a night and the sites are very close together.  So I'm going to make the best of the state park and their new rule.

We're here for 7 nights and the weather is cool but is expected to get warmer within a day or two.  I'm loving it.  Didn't have to put the A/C on today.  I love the beach when it's cold.

New pier just opened.

Poor little Xi Shi can't go play in the water.

Here's a shot showing the Gulf to the left and the park to the right.

The Palm trees are looking good.

Our little campsite for a week.



  1. Booo - to the new rules maybe they can make a small dog friendly section of beach

    1. Hi Teri... Your idea would be great but I don't think they would even consider it. If I had a tow vehicle I could leave the park and we could go to another area of the island for romping on the beach. I'll have to rethink my plans for an electric bike which I thought would be enough to get me around the park but now I see I'll need a vehicle. This is so frustrating.

  2. Oh, good for you to get away to the beach!!! Sounds like heaven! Those pesky dog rules again, geez!!

    1. Hi Loree... It sure is good to be back at the beach.

  3. That really sucks! Does LA really think most people hate dogs that they can't even have part of the beach dog friendly and just require that owners control and pick up after?

    1. Hi Mary... This park used to have several park rangers and always patroled the beach to keep things supervised. Not any more. There have been budget concerns in all of LA state parks so I'm guessing that lack of supervision is due to lack of funds.