Saturday, October 27, 2012


The temperature got up to 64 degrees today.  It was a cold morning but the sun came out early this afternoon.  What a difference from yesterday when it was in the upper 80s.  I've had my door open all day and the breeze feels great.

That's me - the first one.

Not many folks in the park but they are coming in gradually.  It's been nice and quiet and I slept great last night.
Noticed this morning that my awning is peeling on the very top near the roof.  It looks like it's dry rotting away from constant sun beating down on it.  I searched online for a replacement awning and found one at Camping World.  So I guess that will be my next trip - to Hammond.

I walked Xi a couple of times today but mostly we stayed under our canopy as well as inside on the sofa. 

We're having leftovers tonight and the movie choice is "Rum Diary."


  1. It's been cold in New Mexico and Northern Texas, I hope it warms up as I head south.

    1. Hi Teri... I woke up to 43 degrees this morning here at the beach. It won't last. By next week end we'll be back in the 80s. Wishing you well on your long trip south.

  2. Do you know what company made your awning? It should not be doing that. Cool day here today too. I have a space heater going tonight.

    1. Hi Cyn... No, I don't know and I checked all my papers that came with the RV and can't find anything. That tear is not the first. Last year I repaired a couple of other places on the awning with tape and it held. However, I'm planning to trade in the RV so I want things to look good. It will be costly for a replacement canvas but I'm thinking to keep it under $1000.

      I love this cold snap and slept with my bedroom window open and under lots of covers. I have a little fireplace heater I like to use but it isn't cold enough yet for that. I'm a winter person and should live up north I guess ;-)