Friday, October 26, 2012


Great night's sleep.  Made breakfast and took Xi out for a short walk around the campsite. 

The manager stopped by and again I asked if I could take my dog through the park beach and onto the town beach... and again he said yes.  He wondered why I was asking again and I explained to him that last April one of the rangers gave me a hard time about it.  He asked if I informed the ranger that I had permission from the manager and I said that I did.  He assured me that it was alright to cross the beach with my dog.  So there!  Case closed.  I refuse to worry about it any longer.  I like this park and this beach and now I can relax and know that I am still able to enjoy it with my beach buddy by my side.

After the conversation with the manager, I got geared up for out trek across the park.  Packed our chairs, towels, water, snacks, fishing pole, and iPhone into our beach cart and off we went.  We stayed out from 10:00 till noon.  There was no other person for as far as the eye could see.  It was great.

I took Xi off leash and let her run free and she went straight for the water.  She doesn't go in very far but chest deep is good enough for her.  She ran all over that beach and really enjoyed herself. 

I set up our chairs and she jumped up on her chair and I sat next to her in my chair and read one of my Coastal Living magazines.  There was a strong breeze and it was wonderful.  We were two happy campers.

On our walk back to the RV, I let Xi walk on leash while I rolled the cart.  I noticed we had a new neighbor setting up a tent next to our site.  I was just about to greet them when their large dog (not leashed) came running towards Xi like he was going to attack her.  I've been through this before and I went into rescue mode.  I grabbed her up and put her into the beach cart not knowing if the dog was going to jump on my back or bite my leg or who knows what.  The owner ran towards us and grabbed her dog and said she was sorry.  I lost my cool and screamed at her that her dog should be on a leash.  I was shaking and my voice was trembling and I told her that my dog had been attacked once before and it was a very traumatic experience for both of us.  I explained that I had to literally kick the attacking dog off of my dog as it would not let her go.  She apologized again and I walked to my RV.  Once inside, I looked out my window and the dog had its leash on.   I calmed down and did not report the incident.

Rinsed Xi off and I took a shower then we had lunch.  She took a very long nap as she was exhausted.  We stayed in the rest of the day.

Tonight's supper is green onion sausage and green vegetable medley.  The movie for tonight is Fool's Gold... just love that movie.


  1. Oh I can't wait to do this with you and Xi next winter!!! Edna also loves the water, they will have such a fine time.

  2. Hi Chris... Next winter??? Did you mean this winter? Like in a month or so? Or next year? I've been working on my itinerary for December and am adding Galveston - as well as a few other stops. Getting excited.

  3. Yes, THIS winter.....being as I am almost perpetually in warm weather it is had to keep track of seasons LOL. I expect to be in Port A sometime between mid Nov and mid know how I am about not having a very exact itinerary. Galveston is a neat place, I love the architecture and Moody Gardens. BTW, they let you park overnight in their parking lot for free.

    1. I may get to Port Aransas before you. I still plan on leaving the first of December. I may stop in Marksville then in Holly Beach then on to Galveston. I'll probably stop again at Indianola Beach and then on to Port Aransas. That should put me in Port Aransas around December 10th. You know how I am about my itinerary ;-)