Thursday, December 6, 2012


We had a lot of fog this morning and couldn't leave Magnolia Beach until noon. 

Arrived in Port Aransas at 4:00 this afternoon with stops for fuel and an hour in the grocery store.

Enjoyed the ferry ride.

Got to the I B Magee Park and registered at the office for a week at a cost of  $75.00.  This is for dry camping on the beach with the use of their dump station and laundry.

Entering the beach.

I B Magee Office

I parked near the office and as close to the waves as I could get.  Put my mat down in front of the door, my 2 folding chairs, and a container with a little water for Xi Shi to wash her feet before going into the RV.  We're set for a week in one spot.  YEAH!!!

She really perked up when she saw all the dogs being walked on the beach.

We were entertained for a time by this parasail guy trying to keep his glider up which he then attached to a 3 wheeler and it rode him around the beach.

Chris came by for a while but will be staying further up the beach in free parking.  Tomorrow we will ride up the beach road to see what it is like.  I've never been any further than where I am now so am curious as to what is out there.

It's been a pretty enjoyable day today.  Looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. The beach sure looks wonderful. And you can camp right on it?? Even better. I have a question for you though. So what were your 3 or 4 favorite state parks in Louisiana? We are going through Al, Ms, and LA the last part of December and always appreciate others opinions of places to stay. We have absolutely no agenda planned, just roaming.

    1. Type in "The best of the Louisiana State Parks" into my search box at the top of my page to read my choices. I love the ocean so my number one is on the Gulf. However, there are many that have a lot to offer. Hope you enjoy your travels.

    2. Thanks, that helps, always better to have someone advise who has been there etc. We are just going somewhere, no agenda, no commitments. Well, other than great seafood!!!

    3. Hi Morgan... I hope my info was of some help to you. Happy trails.