Saturday, December 8, 2012


Woke up at 6:30 this morning... don't know why.  My head up against the window feeling the cool breeze on my face I looked out and the sky appeared overcast so I didn't expect to see the sun rise... but I did.  That doesn't happen at home.  I'm not a morning person.  Got the camera out and starting clicking away hoping one of them would come out nice.

Come on Momi... it's not really morning yet.

Xi Shi just would not wake up.  Guess she needs her beauty sleep.

Had breakfast and then took a mid-morning walk to the bay.

This area is free overnight camping.  This view is facing the Gulf.   I'm thinking of moving here when my week is up.

This view is facing the bay. 
I've never seen such tame pelicans.  They must be waiting patiently for someone to throw them a fish.

Interesting campers along the bay.
A holiday decor for the beach. 

A Sandy Clause.

A Toyota Dolphin.

An old Coachmen.

This one is from Arkansas.

Xi Shi liked this little Chihuahua.

We took the road leading into the park on our way back to our camper.  That's it on the right.

I had not brought along any cat toys so today I picked up some feathers and a stick along the beach and made a cat toy.

This is Caiche enjoying the toy.

This is the new kitty Ali Cat enjoying the toy.  I think it's a hit.

Chris came over to visit us today.  She rode her bike and her little dog Edna ran along side of her for a few miles.  It took them an hour to get to where I am parked.  I wish I had taken a photo of them riding off when they left but I didn't think of it at the time. 

We had another great day at the beach with great weather.



  1. You got quite a few good pics of the sunrise!! I also never see the sun rise :)

    1. Hi Luci and Loree... I was lucky to get those shots because today it's very cloudy and muggy.

  2. Love your pictures! All of them, but especially the sunrise shining on the ocean. I will be moving down closer to you today.....see you later!

    1. Hi Chris... Glad you are moving closer. I think you'll like it over here.

  3. Xi Shi likes ChiChi! Wow, looks wonderful. What gorgeous pix! Like the kitty toy too. Is the kitten getting better in the MH now?

    1. Hi Cyn... The new kitty is adjusting. I make sure to give her lots of attention and we have nightly playtime with toys, both doggie and kitty playtime.