Monday, April 8, 2013


My friend Pat came over to install my new RV door lock.  He also helped load my electric bike into the basement. 

I'm still wearing my arm brace and don't want to do any heavy lifting yet.

The basement is really loaded down with stuff.

Pat didn't have any trouble with the installation until we tried to close the door.  

The striker bolts (star shaped screws) did not fit into the old door frame plate.

The old door frame plate could not be removed without having to remove the whole door frame.  So after a few minutes we figured out we could remove the old striker bolts from the broken lock and put them into the new door lock.

So here is the new lock with the old striker bolts.  Although the serial number on this lock matched my old one - it is not exactly the same lock.  So I learned a lesson today.


Thanks again Pat.

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