Monday, April 8, 2013


I had not been to a HOG rally since 2003.  No  longer a member I had to have an invite from a member and attend as his guest.  My good friend Pat invited me and I really enjoyed being around old riding pals that I had not seen in years.  Took the motorhome and the dogs and really enjoyed the 3 day event.

This is the coach of a friend who informed me of an RV club he joined.  I told him I was interested and he said he would recommend me.  I need 2 members to recommend me so he'll get another friend to do so.   
These are some bikes of his friends as well as mine.

The Cruisin' Cajuns Chapter of the FMCA.  Sounds like something I'd like.

I love brightly colored RVs and couldn't help but take a photo of this one.

Here are some photos of bikes that I liked best.

The Heritage Softail Classic is my favorite bike for riding.  I sold mine about 10 years ago.

Love this paint job.

Beautiful purple bike.

Nice flames.

This lady rode in from Mississippi.  She lost 3 members of her family in one week to breast cancer.  She did all the work on her pink and white bike.

This rider has only one leg.  Notice his wheelchair on the back of his trike.

This is a stuffed moss rider who entered the bike show.

Pretty blue.

Matching bike trailer.

The parking lot filled up. 

Nice purple bike.

This is a home made bike modification done by a fellow from Houma.  It's actually a 4 wheel bike.  The original bike is left intact and the other 2 wheels are added.

Pat just had to sit on this modification.

I was taken by this GPS adhered to the gas tank.  It made me feel old.  When I was riding there were no GPS bike riders. 

New Orleans VooDoo bike.

Pretty colors.

Love this alligator seat.

But best of all is this doggie carrier.  I would have to have one if I were to ever ride again.

My camera died after this shot.  There was so much more I wanted to photograph but couldn't.

I had a good time and thanks again Pat for inviting me.

There are more photos of the rally on my Shih Tzu's blog.  The link is at the top of this page.


  1. Wow..looks like a wonderful, fun time!
    glad you got out and about...
    miss reading your blog :)

    1. Hi Grammy... Yes, I really enjoyed my outing. Am getting ready for a short trip - maybe a week to the beach. I will be blogging again from the RV. Good to hear from you.

  2. Also, good to read your blog and to see you out and about. Awesome pics. Some friends, last year got on there Harley and toured the States and had a wonderful adventure. Take care

    1. Hi Melissa... WOW that would be some adventure. It was nice being around all those Harley Davidsons. I almost felt the urge for another one but then.... it soon went away. HA!

  3. It has been many years since I attended a rally. Sure miss them. Glad you had such a wonderful time and thanks for the great pictures.

    1. Hi JO... I was very active in the local HOG chapter for many years but had not been to a rally since 2003. Really enjoyed myself. It brought back a lot of memories.