Thursday, January 20, 2011


Came home a little earlier than planned. Chuky's behavior was getting out of hand. She attacked Xi Shi Quan twice within the last 2 days for no reason. That poor little dog was so traumatized by it all. I had to kick Chucky several times to get her off of the little dog. She is becomming more and more aggressive towards other animals. I was so frustrated that I had to take a pill to calm down. Then I packed up and came home. I put her in the back yard and closed the door and left her there for several hours. She paced back and forth by the door and asked to come in. I had almost made up my mind to put her food and water outside and leave her there. A time later I did let her back in. She did not eat her supper and has not eaten all day. She knows I am angry and stays out of my way. I will make some calls tomorrow to begin the process to have her placed with Rescue Road Trips and moved to New England. I have done everything I could in the last year to make her welcome in my home, sometimes at the expense of my own personal well being not to mention the cost. Today was the day I let her go... emotionally. She is no longer my dog.

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