Monday, January 17, 2011


Didn't sleep very well last night. Both dogs and one of my cats insisted on sleeping in the small Queen bed. I'm used to a large King. I couldn't turn over or extend my legs because of the dogs. Tonight Chuky sleeps on the floor. Today was very enjoyable. Woke early and had coffee outside under the large Oak. Tied the dogs on long leashes and they had the run of Pat's large yard. A reporter from Channel 8 came over to interview Pat and I about Pirate Lore on the island. I had to talk on camera without a script. It went well. I rode over to my camp a few streets away and hosed down the deck but didn't stay very long. Don't have any desire to be there anymore. Took the dogs to the beach and they loved it, as usual. Xi Shi Quan just goes crazy and wants to do flips when she sees the water. It was very hard to handle them both so we didn't stay long. Tonight I'm beat. Going to bed early.

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