Thursday, June 9, 2011


When I purchased my summer home on Grand Isle 5 years ago, I began a business called Art Of The Lens.  I purhased a professional camera and equipment as well as a poster size printer, mats, clear mat covers, and fine art paper.  I took many photos of the old historical buildings on the island and also wrote a guide book for tourists to use in their walks throughout the island.  I really enjoyed this hobby but no longer am interested in it.  I had posted many of my prints on but don't keep up with that site any longer.

Here are some of my prints of the island I lived on for 5 years.

Sunset Rail To The Beach (across from my street)
My Path
Beach Cabana
Vine Covered Beach Bridge
I hit the saturation button a little hard on this one but I like it.
Grand Isle Palm Trees
Afternoon Walk To The Beach
Terra Cotta Cottage
I couldn't have posed them better... alpha and omega.
Chickadee House - Circa 1880
Pirate Tomb - Digital Painting
Gale's By The Sea -  My Camp
Vine Covered Outhouse
Sunset Over Bayou Rigaud - Grand Isle, LA
Grand Isle Tombs In Moon Glow
Actual cemetery but I manipulated the moon.
Cajun House - Circa 1890
This is my favorite historic building on the island because it looks just like my great grandmother's house.
Hope you enjoyed my art work.


  1. Beautiful! Your work is just beautiful.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. Joe and Cyndi... thanks for the compliment.

  3. I like all of them but the Vine Covered Beach Bridge is my favorite. I feel an anticipation as to what's on the other side once I reach the top.

  4. Jeana... I like that one, too. That photo was taken in 2006 before 2 severe hurricanes destroyed these bridges as well as the foilage. The island will never be as pretty again.

  5. Yep, like the bridge. what kind of camera is it? And why aren't you interested in more? You know the old saying, beautiful pictures make beautiful blogs. well done.

  6. I love them - the colors are beautiful. I have always loved photos of houses, doors and windows, and your's are really good. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Michael... I used a Nikon D80 - 10 megapixel camera. However, all my photos are enhanced with a digital image editor.

    I'm still taking photos - just not to sell.

    Barbara... I started a portfolio of doors and windows but never did complete it. However, I love taking photos of old buildings. There are 24 historic buildings on Grand Isle with some that are over 150 years old. They are still standing because they are located on an Oak Ridge in the middle of the island. The trees saved them. Those trees are protected by law now and can not be cut down.

  8. Roxanne... Thanks for the compliment. The owners of that beach house actually commissioned me to do a digital painting of their house which I did and sent it to them a few years ago. I have yet to be paid.

  9. Beautiful pictures, i want to go there!!!

  10. Luci and Loree... the island has been through 2 severe hurricanes since those photos were taken so it does not look the same. Improvements have been made but I don't see the same beauty as I did back then.